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Bead and Bright Setting

In the last issue of Bench Magazine I demonstrated how I would go about wax model carving for this unusual mother’s ring design. Bead and Bright Setting: The Four Bead Method The wax model has now 
been cast into Platinum with
 a 10%…

Beading Tool Tips

Like most bench jewelers I do a lot of bead setting and like most
bench jewelers I take pride in my work. When I bead set I want crisp
and clean beads. Recently, I was setting one pointers into white
gold skirts that would become…

Bench Jeweler’s Guide to Setting Gemstones

This Professional Bench Jewelers Guide to Setting Gemstones cannot anticipate every potential situation you may encounter. Always use extreme caution and check gemstones thoroughly before working on them. The codes in these two boxes…

Bezel Setting Using a Lathe

Bezel setting the center sapphire is normally pretty straight-forward, but I would like to share a few tricks that have helped me improve the outcome. Please follow along as I bezel set this sapphire using a lathe or a watch-maker’s lathe.…

Channel Setting Princess Cuts

Recently, a woman brought in her diamonds and asked to have a ring made with them. Her requirements were very simple. She wanted her I carat princess cut to be prong set as the center stone and her small princess cut melee to be channel set on either…

Channel Setting Round Diamonds

Recently a woman brought an old family diamond into our store and asked to have a custom mounting made for it. The diamond was a 3.18 carat round brilliant and a pretty one at that. She looked through our showcases and fell in love with a yellow gold…

Creating a Rubber Mold

Recently this
 custom ring design
 came to my bench
 with the request that 
it be made in platinum and a rubber
mold be created in
case our store ever
 wanted to make a 
second ring. The
 new ring was to be
made for a 1.5…

Creating and Sharpening Gravers

This article is about creating and sharpening gravers before using for your work or project as described by Tom Weishaar. Before beginning a discussion on creating a graver it might be helpful to identify the different parts of a graver.…

Cutting a Rubber Mold

In my first article I made a rubber “sandwich” mold of this basket style mounting. The focus of this article is how to cut the rubber mold so that I can get clean wax injections that require a minimal amount of labor to finish. The type…

Wax Model Carving

Recently a customer requested that we make her an unusual mother’s ring. She chose a magnificent 3.56 ct. oval blue sapphire as her center stone and this design was made for her ring. The two bezel set side stones, one an emerald, the other…