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"I've gained so much knowledge and so many friends through the years"

"Orchid and Ganoksin have been like family to me for the many years since Charles Lewton-Brain told me about "this new online jewelers resource" shortly after its launch in 1996. I think there were only 400 members back then! I've gained so much knowledge and so many friends through the years."

"This resource has blown my mind"

"This resource has blown my mind during the last ten years I have been aware of it. The vision and hard work required to set up Ganoksin and Orchid were exceptional, and to continue it for so long at such a remarkable level of excellence is nothing short of phenomenal. I have learned so much, thanks to Hanuman, Ton and Charles Lewton-Brain and all the wonderful contributors."

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Orchid Community & Learning Center

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  • Share your craftsmanship with other members in our galleries or show off your work space in the bench exchange.
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Our Platinum plan is designed for the jewelry pros - wholesalers, jewelers, gem dealers, tool sellers, manufacturers, and any other providers of goods and services to the world's jewelers.

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Exclusive NewslettersSilver Plan NoGold Plan YesPlatinum Plan Yes
Advertising ToolsSilver Plan NoGold Plan NoPlatinum Plan Yes
Business Directory ProfileSilver Plan NoGold Plan NoPlatinum Plan Yes
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Gold Plan $12/month
Platinum Plan $25/month