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Filigree 101: Introduction to Filigree

  • 8 UNITS
Learn how to make filigree jewelry with this 8-video online course that breaks down the filigree technique into simple and...

Soldering 101: Introduction to Soldering

  • 5 UNITS
  • 14 LESSONS
Soldering is a joining process that involves melting solder, a metal alloy, to fuse two pieces of metal together. When...

Metalsmithing 101: Introduction to Metalsmithing

  • 7 UNITS
  • 37 LESSONS
Metalsmithing or “smithing” is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Shaping metals like platinum, gold, silver, or copper into jewelry...

Metalsmithing 102: Make a Silver Bezel Ring

  • 6 UNITS
  • 14 LESSONS
This course follows up on Metalsmithing 101 by practicing important fundamental metalsmithing skills like ring sizing, sawing, filing, soldering, and...

Jewelry Repair 101: Introduction to Jewelry Repair

  • 4 UNITS
  • 27 LESSONS
Learning to repair jewelry is an important part of any metalsmith’s education. This course is designed to introduce common repair...

Jewelry Repair 102: Intermediate Jewelry Repair

  • 5 UNITS
  • 25 LESSONS
For some jewelers, jewelry repair is a core part of their business. Learn the pros and cons of offering jewelry...

Stone Setting Techniques

  • 7 UNITS
  • 24 LESSONS
Stone setting takes hundreds of hours to master. This course offers something for everyone by covering 8 different settings: solitaire...

Gemology 101: Introduction to Gemology

  • 4 UNITS
  • 32 LESSONS
Jewelers need to understand gemology to work with gemstones without damaging them, answer customers’ questions, and identify gemstones in their...

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