Platinum Membership

Reach Thousands of Jewelry Makers Worldwide

Platinum Membership Features


Business Directory Listing

A full page dedicated to your business complete with images and description of your business. (example)

Promote Your Special Offers

Provide a special offer and we will promote it to Ganoksin members.

Platinum Badge in Orchid

When you post in the Community, a Platinum badge will be shown next to your name showing your support for Ganoksin. (example)

Additional Paid Advertising Options for Platinum Members

Banner Ads
Banner ads in five eye-catching sizes throughout the site.
Community Emails
Your business will be mentioned in the 20,000 daily emails sent to Community readers.
Newsletter Mentions
Make yourself known via our bi-monthly newsletters.
Homepage Mention
Appear on the home page of Ganoksin, reinforcing your place in the jewelry community.
Community Outreach
Participate in our forums as your company and communicate directly with jewelry makers.
Customized Advertising
Have new and exciting advertising ideas that lend themselves uniquely to your business? Let us know!

Plans & Pricing


Platinum Membership

Full fledged Ganoksin membership which includes everything that Silver and Gold Members get PLUS: Business Directory Listing, Promoting Special Offers, Platinum Badge in Orchid.
  • Orchid Community Access
  • Learning Center
  • Product Discounts
  • Exclusive Newsletters
  • Advertising Tools
  • Business Directory Profile
monthly $25 per month
annually $240 per year Save 20%

Additional Paid Advertising

For advertisers looking to spend 1k or more per year, we offer banner ads and much more.