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Mokume-gane is a Japanese technique for making wood-like grain patterns in metal. Read our practical guides for adding these designs to your jewelry.

Damascus and Pattern Welding

True damascus steel is made by a casting process utilizing very high carbon steel. The material is held at or near the temperature of fusion for an extended period of time. This causes the formation of large, high carbon dendrites in a matrix…

The Seven Korean Metalsmiths

Five thousand years of Korean goldsmithing was interrupted from 1913 to 1953 due to the Japanese invasion and the Korean War. In looking back, goldsmithing or metalsmithing programs in Korea’s colleges and universities formerly…

Electric Kiln Fired Mokume Gane Part 2

In this article in the series we will go to billet forging and making a simple wedding band in a star pattern. See previous article (link below) for a short history of Mokume gane, prep work and trimming of billet forging. Processing the Billet…

Electric Kiln Fired Mokume Gane Part 3

This last installment of this series on Mokume Gane  will focus on the different Mokume Gane pattern techniques and the different tools used to achieve these patterns. Links of previous articles are provided below. Mokume Gane Pattern…

Electric Kiln Fired Mokume Gane Part 1

This is the first part of a series on Electric Kiln Fired Mokume Gane. Here we will focus on a short history of Mokume gane, prep eration work and trimming of billet forging. The first time I laid my eyes on a Mokume Gane piece I was hooked on learning……

Lamination of Non Ferrous Metals by Diffusion

We have been interested in Mokume-gane for a number of years. The only information we could find was by the soldering of different metals, cutting in half, resoldering to increase the number of layers and then exposing those laminates by punching…

Laser Mokume – The Satow Method

The traditional Mokume process yields very beautiful results but is extremely labor intensive. Along with the high price of labor is the large amount of waste. The shape of the finished product is also limited to the limits of the ancient process,…

Manufacturing Mokume Gane Jewelry

Mokume gane translated from Japanese means “wood eye metal”. This rare metal lamination process was developed and used by Japanese craftsmen in the 17th century for the adornment of samurai swords. Today, mokume gane jewelry is growing in…