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Lost Wax Casting

Master the lost wax casting technique for jewelry making. Our articles cover materials, tools, and procedures as well as product reviews and advice.

Wax Carving Starter System

You can begin carving waxes right out of the box with this starter kit. An instruction book offers expert lessons in creating wax models; an assortment of waxes, tools and templates helps you successfully produce your designs with professional…

Eliminating Ash Residue Defects

The casting department at Stuller Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana, has been experimenting with casting photopolymer models, and it has found a way for small shops to eliminate the problem of ash residue defects: Adding vents to the casting…

5 Classic Casting Tips

These slow, quiet days of summer are always a good time to review your shop practices before the busy holiday season kicks into high gear.  To help you prepare to successfully cast all of the pieces you hope will be big sellers this year, we’ve …

Wax Model Carving

Recently a customer requested that we make her an unusual mother’s ring. She chose a magnificent 3.56 ct. oval blue sapphire as her center stone and this design was made for her ring. The two bezel set side stones, one an emerald, the other…

Wax Casting Burnout Cycles

If you are experiencing rough surfaces, discolored metal or no-fills, the problem may be in the burnout. When casting, the burnout cycle is an important step that is often treated with indifference. The burnout is not just a means to remove…

Important Principles of Casting Safety

Here’s something to aim for: a well laid-out, orderly workshop, well-lit by multiple non glare light sources, well-maintained equipment, electrically and fire safe, with low dust and few procedures involving solvents, with excellent…

How to Make a Wax Injector

You will require a 5 to 6 inch by 3 inch wide brass or copper tube, silver solder a cover on both ends a thicker one or double up for the base to retain the heat. Ideally the tube and top plate should be 1/8th inch thick with the base plate being.

Frequently Used Wax Tools

Dental probes and knives make good wax tools. Your local dentist or dental hygienist or school for the same can supply you with used tools for free. If they don’t.

Investment Procedure for Lost Wax Casting

Clean, fresh investment, water and investment at room temperature, de-ionized or distilled water or water that has been sitting overnight. Follow the proportions suggested by the investment manufacturer. Usually 40cc of water to 100 grams…

Five Steps for Successful Investing

A good practice for preventing investment blowout is to measure the height of the trees before investing. The maximum tree height should be between 0.5 inch and (for larger trees with more metal) 0.75 inch shorter than the fill level of the flask.…

The Sprue System Design

A very high percentage of investment casting defects can be directly or indirectly attributed to the design of the sprue system feeding metal to the pattern. Defects such as incomplete pattern filling and shrinkage porosity are easily identified…

Testing the Ultra-Vest MAXX Investment

AJM recently asked Linus Drogs of AU Enterprises in Berkley , Michigan , to test the new Ultra-Vest MAXX Investment from Ransom ‘ Randolph in Maumee , Ohio . Designed to reduce the formation of gas porosity when casting white gold alloys, as well…

Improved Anti-fire Scale Casting Procedure

This paper describes a process that eliminated fire scale during a vacuum casting cycle. Castings should not have a fire scale problem if the casting are cooled following this procedure.This casting was cooled using this process. This is…

Casting Investment Powder Performances

In each step of manufacturing jewelry, there are many factors that can adversely affect quality. Because of this, process control is very important. Investing is one of those steps in which process control is vital. Most investment manufacturers…

Testing the New HD Patterns

Invented by Victor Joyner, a Chicagobased manufacturing jeweler, patented High Definition (HD) Patterns are made of a light-curing polymer material that can he injected into a silicone mold with very low pressure at room temperature. After…

Casting Notes for Silver Lost Wax Casting

Casting of silver can be fairly easy and these notes are the results of my experience through trial and error as well as instruction from an experienced jeweler and instructor. Mark Ruby the instructor for the Fort Collins Senior Center was…

Etype Automated Wax Injection System

Racine and his son, Ittai, a physicist by profession but a top engineer, passed on purchasing the dated facility and equipment, instead opening a new tech-savvy casting workshop. It was here that they designed the Etype automated wax injection…

Revving Up the Burnout Process

The internet has put the world at our fingertips. In minutes or less you can start a video chat with a friend in Hong Kong, download a recipe and ingredient list for Pad Thai to your smartphone, or buy a new HDTV. So why shouldn’t you expect the same…