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Beam Path Check

With the Nd:Yag Micro Laser Welders, being used by the jewelry, and other industrial manufacturing / repair industries, there is a very simple test that can provide a lot of information regarding the integrity of the laser beam. In the world…

Laser Welding Basics – Part 1

This article will run over multiple issues of Bench Magazine. I plan to start with the basics of welding and write about the characteristics of the beam and how we use those characteristics to weld. It is important to understand how the beam is…

Laser Welding Basics – Part 2

In my last article I wrote about the various adjustable parameters, and the effects of changing those parameters. In this article I hope to explain, in better detail, how laser beam energy is focused. I will likely be referring to some terms…

Laser Welding Basics – Part 3

Back when I was going to school, if I had known I would be writing an article about laser welding geometry I would have paid more attention in all my math classes, not to mention my English composition classes. We aren’t going to be figuring…

Laser Welding Basics – Part 4

I want to take what I have written in my previous articles 
and start tying it into jewelry welding applications. In 
this article, I am going to use the welding of a very 
simple 18K yellow gold ring shank to expand on the relationship…

Nickel White Gold Welding

In this article I will be referring to terms that I have defined in previous articles. If you wish to read those articles in the order that they are meant to be read, contact me at lasers@mantech.info, or 619-239-5842. Nickel White Gold, (Ni WG),…

Platinum Granulation Process

Granulation, a process dating back a lot longer than I can remember, is clearly one of jewelry histories most prominent techniques for artistry and decoration. The traditional technique of granulation consists of fusing or soldering minute…

Pulse Shaping Test, 14k Ni WG

The following is one method of adjusting parameters after altering the pulse shape. This article is not intended to promote pulse shaping as a means of welding nickel white gold, (Ni WG). More importantly, it is primarily intended as a report…

Pulse Shaping: Energy Over Time

Laser technology is still so new to 
our industry and there is still so much 
to discover. Fortunately, I believe that as 
jewelers, we are the ones left to do a lot
 of the discovering. My only intention 
with this article is to…

Pulse Shaping: Variable Constants

In my last article about welding nickel white gold, (Ni WG),I said I would weld the same Ni WG shank by using pulse shaping, (PS). I have since realized that I need to write more about pulse shaping before I can accurately describe what I’m…