Gem Identification Machines

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This article was originally posted on Userblogs on 1/9/2018.

This segment from the 2017 MJSA Journal November issue is dedicated to metals, tools, software and more that aids jewelers and designers in their quest to create their masterpieces.  In this article we talk about Gem Identification Machines.

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Gem Identification Machines

J-Secure Plus

Suitable for use with loose diamonds or mounted diamond jewelry, J-Secure Plus is a scanning instrument designed to distinguish between natural diamonds and lab-grown CVD or HPHT diamonds. With an accuracy of approximately 98.6 percent, the device can be used on any shaped stone of at least 0.003 carat in size. The machine takes less than five minutes to scan a 6-inch by 7-inch area containing an unlimited number of stones. The scanner comes with trays to hold loose diamonds and mounted diamond jewelry. Equipped with an integrated computer and touchscreen interface, the system also comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Contact: DRC Techno, Surat, India; 1-651-493-1707; e-mail;




Suitable for testing both CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds, the AMS2 is an automated melee-screening instrument that can be used to test colorless or near-colorless diamonds from 0.0033 carat to 0.2 carat. Developed to separate synthetic melee from natural stones, the device can test up to 3,600 loose stones per hour. Capable of testing round brilliant and many fancy shaped diamonds, the system is fully embedded and no external computer is required for operation. With an automated feed and dispenser system, the unit measures 315 mm wide by 400 mm deep by 550 mm high. Contact: The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, 20 Carlton House Terrace, London, United Kingdom; 44-207-430-3040; e-mail;




SYNTHdetect uses luminescence technology to quickly and simultaneously screen stones set in a wide range of jewelry pieces, including rings, earrings, bangles, brooches, and necklaces. Suitable for testing nearly all colorless and near-colorless diamonds, the screener offers a range of viewing modes, including white light illumination, fluorescence, short phosphorescence, and long phosphorescence. Featuring a large touchscreen and built-in software, the system comes with three jewelry attachments. The number of natural diamonds that the system erroneously cites for further testing is low, with a referral rate of 0.05 percent. Contact: The International Institute ofDiamond Grading & Research, 20 Carlton House Terrace, London, United Kingdom; 44-207-430-3040; e-mail;


Gem-Master R.I. Liquid

Gem-Master R.I. Liquid can be used with gem refractometers as a contact medium to help determine a stone's refractive index by reducing or eliminating glare from the gem's surface, allowing the user to properly identify the stone. It is packaged in an amber glass bottle with a protective stopper that prevents spillage, limits the amount of liquid withdrawn at a time, reduces the emission of harmful vapor, and inhibits accidental ingestion. In addition, a proprietary, polypropylene applicator rod limits the amount dispensed to one small droplet measuring 1 to 2 mm in diameter, extending the life of the product. Contact: STULLER INC., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 800-444-4741; e-mail;



 SAM by Presidium

Developed specifically for use in the U.S., the SAM tester by Presidium can be used to quickly test for colorless diamonds, simulants, and moissanite. The tester's highly sensitive probe tip is designed to distinguish a wide range of moissanites, including the new low electrical conductivity varieties. Offering a faster testing time than previous testers, the SAM does not require a wait time between tests. It can be used to test stones as small as 0.01 carat. The device can be powered by AAA batteries or with an optional adapter. Contact: STULLER INC., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 800-444-4741; e-mail;

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