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Create beautiful, lace-like metal jewelry with filigree making techniques. Our articles cover tools, procedures, and modern takes on this ancient art.

Victoria Lansford on the Art of Filigree

Victoria Lansford on the art of filigree—Russian or otherwise BOX: The Art of Handcraft Every jewelry designer can pinpoint the thing that first called her to the art. It may have been seeing something in a museum, or finding a delicate heirloom…

An Interview with Leila Tai

In this article, renowned enamelist Leila Tai discusses her many motivations and inspirations as well as her creative process in making her award-winning works. When and how did you become involved in enameling? I took classes at the Kulicke-Stark…

Filigree Remake

This article “Filigree Remake” provides step by step instructions on resizing a pre-existing ring mounting to make way for a larger round diamond. This is a picture showing the top and side view of a customer’s mounting…

A Crowning Achievement Part 2

In the last issue we looked at making a basic basket crown. In this article we will fabricate a more advanced crown. One of the most versatile crowns to make is a half-basket crown. This crown can be used for diamonds or colored stones and generally…

Platinum Wire Filigree

Platinum wire filigree can be easily added to an article of jewelry providing a unique design element. The filigree can be a simple scroll filling an airline to the predominant design component in the article of jewelry. Whether the platinum…

Making an Alternative Filigree Jig

Begin by making a box as described in the last chapter. Cut a piece of wood 1/8 to 3/16″ of an inch thick, ¾” wide and 1″ longer than your box. Make ready by cutting off the heads of 40 pins. Procure some wide, double-face scotch tape. It is important…

Making a Filigree Jig

To begin, procure or make a box out of cardboard or balsa wood. A plastic soap dish, like the one used in a traveling toilet article case although a bit deep is almost perfect for the job. The box should be about 3″ long, 2″ wide and not more than ½”…

Making a Filigree Wire

One of the necessary steps in making filigree is the forming of the wire. It is made by twisting very tightly two pieces of very small silver wire and then flattened. Either sterling or fine grade silver wire may be used. Fine is preferred, even…

A Modern Method of Creating Enameled Filigree Jewelry

After making jewelry and doing lapidary work for twenty-five years, I began looking for another type of jewelry making which would be a bit different. While on a visit to the Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore I became fascinated with the…

The art of Filigree

step by step about the filigree jewelry making technique. This video was filmed in Luque Paraguay. It is in Spanish with subtitles. Read more: A Modern Method of Creating Enameled Filigree Jewelry by Leon Hornstein https://www.ganoksin.com/listing/Item/Filigree-complete……


Filigree vintage jewelry. P.s. Despite the autumnal mood, all a Happy New Year!)…

Filigree Soldering Demo part 2

Demonstration of soldering filigree using a solder pick. 3D filigree-by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, Author of Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewlery- Part 2 of 3…

Fiilgree Soldering Demo – Part 1

Demonstration of soldering filigree using a solder pick. 3D filigree-by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, Author of Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewlery…

Necessity Is the Mother

How (many tools) does a metalsmith (have to use or make to) open a bottle of wine? Originally created for the show, The Art of Opening: Bottles and Their Toppers, The Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA. 2008, V. Lansford.

Russian Filigree Demo

Overview of the construction of a Russian filigree pendant. Excerpt from the DVD, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree. For more images, explanations of the technique, or information on ordering, please visit www.victorialansford.com……

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