After making jewelry and doing lapidary work for twenty-five years, I began looking for another type of jewelry making which would be a bit different. While on a visit to the Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore I became fascinated with the filigree work done by the ancient Etruscans, Greeks and Mesopotasians.

I became interested enough to visit libraries to find a book explaining how to make filigree jewelry. Even after spending time in the Library of Congress I found nothing. Fortunately in magazines such as the Lapidary Journal and Rocks and Gems I did find several articles. At a gem show in Arizona found a small booklet which was a help to get me started.

Finally, after about a year and twenty-five or thirty pieces later I became fairly happy. After two or three years I felt progress had been made, but something was lacking. While visiting an enameling exhibit in the Cleveland Art Museum I found my answer. Staring me in the face was a thirteenth century enameled piece inlayed with filigree. The thrill seeing the filigree combined with enamel has never left me. I hope this book will encourage you to begin making this combination of filigree with enamel.

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– Leon Hornstein

About the book:

 A Modern Method of Creating Enameled Filigree Jewelry
by Leon Hornstein
110 pages, 67 b&w photos and diagrams, 3 pages of color, soft cover.This book covers the history of the ancient technique of filigree jewelry making and gives very clear instructions on how filigree is made, and how it can be combined with enamel. Filigree is a group of individual lace-like intertwined wires of gold or silver, soldered together to form a pattern. Topics include: tools and materials, making filigree wire and jigs, soldering preparation and technique, pickling, making filigree jewelry, gold plating and more
Making filigree wire
Making the Jig
Making an altenate Jig
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