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Let the light shine through transparent, colorful enamel designs with plique-a-jour. Add this technique to your jewelry making repertoire.

Plique-a-Jour Pictorial

This article Amy Roper Lyons offers two things: a Plique-a-Jour pictorial and three safety tips when handling or working with enamel. 1) Lyons has mixed her enamel powders with water and Klyr Fire (an adhesive), and they are now ready to apply…

The Enamelware of Leila Tai

Jewelry artist Leila Tai is renowned for her extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces celebrating perfection in nature and for her masterful use of the 15th Century technique “plique a jour.” Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon,…

The Goldsmiths: Studio & Shop

Reviving the virtually dead enameling technique plique-à-jour, which means “the light of day as seen through a membrane,” has been a challenge to Jean Sampel and Susan Noland since the late 1960s. Their interest in this technique,…

The Enamelware of Sean Alton

My affair with precious metals began while working with my father a talented jeweler who worked with spring movement. He once made a life-sized rose in gold that would bloom. It weighed a pound and a half, and a pull of a green gold leaf on the stem…

The Enamelware of Bev Yokley

The sun rises over the tree line and spreads its light across the fields. The horse, donkey, and pot-bellied pig are ready for breakfast. So is the cat. However, “Dusty”, the Border Collie, will not eat until she is certain all is…

2009 Netherlands Enamel Exhibition

One glorious morning in June, my husband and I set out on a trip to the small Dutch town Ravenstein which houses a charming Museum for glass and enamel art. I had enjoyed my visit to the First International Exhibition, organized in 2007, and I was…

The Jewelry of Tamara Sergijenko

What fun for me to reminisce about our early friendship: Tamara Sergijenko from Tallin, Estonia and I from middle America! We first met in England, at the first meeting of the British Society of Enamellers. (I can’t recall the exact…

How to Make a Plique a Jour Fairy

This is a HIDI, (How I Do It). It is not the only way to make a piece like this, there are probably better ways, but this one worked for me. I also assume you are familiar with all the basic goldsmithing techniques. Figure 1 – Completed Plique-a-Jour…

The Plique a Jour Technique with Torch

Plique-a-jour, in French, means “applied to carved spaces” or “membrane where daylight passes through”. The ‘plique-a-jour’ enameled jewelry is endowed with gleam and delicacy. This technique,…

Plique-a-Jour Russian Soldering Method

There are a number of methods for plique a jour, a filigree technique that allows light to shine through the enamel, much like stained glass. With plique a jour, there is no backing for the vitreous enamel; instead a structure of metal is made…

Copper Mesh Plique a Jour

Interested in illuminating my work and using experimental techniques, I came across copper mesh. There are many kinds of mesh, but only a few are easily obtained without buying in bulk from industrial suppliers. I have been using the ‘Impressions’…