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Champlevé adds enamel to etched metal designs. Learn about this ancient technique and its tools and how to use it to create amazing jewelry pieces.

Harold Hasselschwert: Materialization of the Exotic

Possibly of another time and almost certainly of another place, Hal or Harold Hasselschwert enamels entice the imagination with the exuberant colors and patterns, and their delicate constructions. His elegantly enameled panels speak…

Origins, Evolution and the Practice of Enameling

More than 3000 years ago, someone spread powdered glass onto metal, probably gold, and subjected it to sufficient heat to cause it to soften, wet the surface, spread and adhere. We will never know exactly where or when it happened or exactly…

The Enamelware of Alan Mudd

The English enameller, Alan Mudd, born in Lancashire, began his studies in the fine arts, and served an indentured apprenticeship as an engraver in the textile industry. This gave a wide-ranging background in design and comprehensive skills…

Enamels in Medieval Galleries

The innovative Medieval Galleries, occupying a complete wing of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, have now been open for several months. There was extensive initial press coverage and a great surge of visitors: but with such spacious…

Champleve – Photo Etching with PnP Paper

The use of PnP paper-originally designed to create printed circuit boards-to meet the artistic needs of metalsmiths, jewelers, and enamelists. With results similar to photo etching, but without the expense and more complex procedures,…

Etching Options for Champleve

I have found through may research on metal etching that there is a plethora of information out there. I hope by compiling it and offering it to you, you will be better able to choose the best option for your champleve needs. There are of course means…

Champleve Enamelwork with Ferric Chloride

Champleve (shahmp-luh-vay), meaning – raised plane – in French, is the process by which a design is cut, gouged or etched out of metal to create low areas for the enamel. After many layers of enamel have been fired, the piece is stoned and may be…

Champleve Jewelry – At The Turn Of A Wheel

After experimenting with the various techniques of enameling I decided that champleve jewelry best suited my interests. Being very familiar with the usual etching methods of scoring the metal, I thought the process was rather cumbersome…