This is the second in a two-part series on green bench tips shared by jewelers who are taking another approach for their shops, eco friendly shops.

What You’ll Need To Green Up Your Bench

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GemOro 2QTH Next...image Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner GemOro 2QTH Next Gen Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner With Basket $$$$ View On Amazon
Gain Dish Soap Dawn Dish Soap Gain Dish Soap $ View On Amazon
Nature's Touch Citric...image Nature's Touch Citric Acid Pickle Nature's Touch Citric Pickle 2 Lb Jar Jewelry Making Silver Gold Brass Copper Stainless Steel Shot Metal Cleaning Solution $$ View On Amazon

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A Clean Break with Chemicals

Jennifer Dawes, Dawes Design, Santa Rosa, California

Tired of dumping chemicals into your ultrasonic? Make a clean break with Dawn dish soap, which works well for cleaning polishing compound and grease from stone settings. It’s also less expensive than standard chemical solutions.

Making it Last

Mark McNown, MWM Goldsmithing, Portland, Oregon

Instead of throwing away dull setting burs, send them out to be re-sharpened. Check with your tool supplier for suggestions on service providers. Although the bur won’t look like new when it returns to your shop, it will cut an even seat. As a bonus, the re-sharpening process makes burs slightly smaller, so you’ll end up with sizes in between standard sizes, giving you the right bur for every job.

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Past Perfect

Marc Choyt, Reflective Images, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Switching out your standard pickle for natural citric acid pickle is a nod to tradition, as natural acids have been in use for generations. And it’s an easy way to be green. The citric acid takes slightly longer to work than the chemical varieties, but it gives equally good results.

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