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Die Forming

Die forming is fundamental to manufacturing. With our how-to guides and equipment articles, you can apply this technique to jewelry making, too.

Hydraulic Die Forming for the Artist/Metalsmith

Hydraulic die forming is a process which hasn’t received a lot of press. Perhaps its usefulness seems limited to mass production, and it sounds as if you need to divert rivers to do it. This article is intended to clear up a few misconceptions…

Book Review – Die Granulation

This article is a book review by Hannelore Gabriel for the book “Die Granulation” by Jochem Wolters, for the 1984 Fall issue of Metalsmith Magazine. Die Granulation By Jochem Wolters D. W. Callwey, Munich, Germany, 1983 330 pages,…

Low-Cost Press Forming Technique

I first saw this technique in a work-shop held at West Dean College, Cich-ester, Great Britain, presented by Louise O’Neill and Bonnie Macintosh. I was immediately filled with enthusiasm by this technology, but the high cost for the press…

Cold Forging of Karat Gold Findings

Cold forging in the karat gold jewelry industry has sometimes been referred to as stamping, coining and die striking. This process has been used throughout history in the making of coins and medals as well as jewelry. Cold forging basics will…

Live And Let Die (Struck)

In a manufacturing environment, there are numerous pitfalls and problems that will conspire to prevent successful completion of a job. Some of these problems may be complex and involve highly technical investigations, explanations and…

The Practical Hydraulic Press

How do you solve the problem of producing a limited edition of hand wrought, hollow forms in a reasonable amount of time, and yet have them fit together and look fairly identical without looking machine made? Raising, chasing or masonite die-forming…

Full eBook: Doming Silver Beads

Full eBook. 96 Pages. If you’ve ever dreamed of making perfect silver beads every time, then this manual is just what you are looking for since Nancy shows you step-by-step with illustrations how to do it.

The Rush Job From Hell

In the jewelry business we all get rush jobs but I think this one may just get the prize for being the most work in 48 hours anyone has ever tried to get done. This nice young executive from the Trek Bicycle Corporation called us in a panic and said…