The present is lively. This becomes particularly apparent during a meeting with the managing director of one of the most innovative jewelry brands currently found on the market: Jürgen Heinz from TeNo. This brand stands as a symbol for emotional TechNology. And this symbol in particular is perfectly matched to this day and age, as it is emotional, lively and equally technology-driven.

Reduced to the essentials in form and design, TeNo combined in each watch and jewelry timeless shapes and high-tech materials

At first glance, contradictory worlds clash at TeNo: Modernity and tradition, high tech and solid crafts skills, simplicity and a love of detail as well as emotion and technical coolness. The spectacular feature is that all these influences flow together in the significant products to form a new and complete entity. And you feel just the same way when you enter the premises of this unusual company in the gold city of Pforzheim. Jürgen Heinz, mid thirties and dressed entirely in black, approaches his visitors with a broad smile. Although the furnishings appear somber at first glance, visitors very soon realize how at ease they feel. One gains the same impression in the jewelry, the watches and also the accessories. Very cool initially, but the emotional warmth soon spreads when one gets closer to the products. But one thing becomes entirely clear after a very short time: TeNo jewelry watches and accessories such as key rings and belts are contemporary jewelry objects in timeless beauty for individual people. Asked what most customers are looking for, Jürgen Heinz responds: “There is a lot of emotion in our jewelry although it may appear cool at first glance. It is written “between the lines” in a form of purist language of forms. The combination of high quality stainless steel with 18 karat gold, diamonds, sapphires, high tech ceramics or Indian rubber can satisfy the demands of discerning and fashionable people”. And these wishes are now satisfied almost all over the world. TeNo is an urban and international brand. A well-tended understatement is probably one of the biggest secrets of this brand s success, which seems set to become a household name in future.

Jürgen Heinz, Managing Director of TeNo, Pforzheim, talking to Art + Design

Art + Design: How would you describe the TeNo brand philosophy in one sentence?

Jürgen Heinz: TeNo unites contradictions and stands as a symbol for emotionally touching TechNology.

Art + Design: TeNo products are very distinct and recognizable. How do you develop your design?

Jürgen Heinz: During the development phase, we cooperate with our designers, asking ourselves again and again: Does this jewelry or this watch have what it takes to become a partner of life? Past epochs have shown that artworks with a purist and clear language of forms can outlive all trends. The distinct nature of TeNo deisgn is due to its very willful but harmonious combination of stainless steel with 18 karat gold, diamonds, high tech ceramics and Indian rubber.

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Emotional technology by TeNo: the popular partnership rings and Shikou collection

Art + Design: TeNo sells very well not only in Germany, but also in other countries like the United States. What do you believe is the reason for this?

Jürgen Heinz: Like I said: we connect opposites. And these contradictory worlds harmonize at TeNo: modernity meets tradition, high tech is combined with solid crafts skills, simplicity is complemented by a love of detail and emotion meets coolness. All of these contradictions create the friction that lends emotional warmth to TeNo jewelry objects. In addition, we have our high-tech manufactory in Pforzheim, and this term is also typical of TeNo. All jewelry blanks are manufactured on state of the art machinery. This is then followed by the traditional processing stages. Each item of jewelry is refined in the hands of an experienced goldsmith or gemstone setter. That is TeNology and just the kind of quality our customers want to feel. I believe that this combination is at the heart of the brand’s success.