Pekka Hirvonen, a Finnish goldsmith and jewelry designer, has been designing for Lapponia since 2002. Hirvonen worked there as a model goldsmith for several years after completing his training at the goldsmithing school at Lahti Polytechnic. When designing his jewelry, Hirvonen lets himself be completely guided by his idea and by the material. He sees in his creations the combination of craftsmanship and creative thinking about art. The Finnish artist strives to achieve the simplest shapes. He emphasizes esthetics as well as the wearability of his pieces. They must have the potential to create a relationship between themselves and their wearer; they are intended to be the simultaneous expression of internal ideas and outward appearance. Kph

Brooch “Contact”, sterling silver, carbon fibre
Necklace “Blossom Out”, sterling silver, carbon fibre