This article describes making a multi-grit sanding stick out of 3M WetorDry Tri-M-Ite Polishing Paper. My friend Brad Simon of BW Simon in Spartanburg, South Carolina, made this handy tool for finishing jewelry. I’d like to thank him for allowing me to share this bench trick with you.

Here’s Making a Multi-Grit Sanding Stick

3M WetorDry Tri-M-Ite Polishing Paper - Making a Multi-Grit Sanding StickBuy all six grades (400 to 8,000 grit) of 3M WetorDry Tri-M-Ite Polishing Paper, which is available from most jewelry industry tool suppliers. Cut a strip (12 inches long by 1 inch wide) of each of the six grades.
Stack the strips in order, moving from the coarsest to the finest grit. Lay the stack on top of a paint stirring stick so that half the length extends past the end of the stick. Using a stapler, fasten the stack to the stick.
Fold the strips under the stick.
To use the sanding stick, simply fold the paper back to the grit you need and hold the unused layers in your hand during sanding. This is a very useful tool for finishing platinum jewelry.