Customized Loose Head Holder

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This article was originally posted on Userblogs on 7/17/2016.
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With these pliers you can pre polish platinum and gold peg heads of any shape. Remove any nicks one prong at a time at your bench with a pumice wheel then off to the polisher and right into the sonic, them steamed all while clamped in the same plier.

Customized Loose Head Holder Procedure

image_1These pliers are made with an in- expensive pair of long nose pliers
image_2Use a separating disk to make short work of cutting down the pliers. Make one side slightly shorter than the other (wear safety glasses)
image_3Gently round the corners after cut- ting off the ends to remove burs.
image_4Cut deep notch with the separating disk in end of the shorter plier tip.
image_5Use a #2D finishing nail and round the end slightly. Then, Laser weld the nail to the short end that you notched. Torch solder it on if a laser isn't available. Cut off the excess with a separating disc.
image_6Cut a deep notch into the other tip with a 2 mm ball bur.
image_7Bend the tip till if is centered perfectly in the hole. If you have to torch solder it into place be sure to temper it again after you solder it on.
image_8Now you're ready to take out the deep nicks with a pumice wheel.
image_9Polish the head now with the peg facing up, do one prong at a time. Rotate it with your fingernail till they are all done. Then swish it in the ultra-sonic and steam it off ready to solder in place.
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