This article provides a step by step procedure on how to do laser welding prong repairs on a ring.

 Laser Welding Prong Repairs Project

image_1Use a separating disk to grind the prong flat. Place a redi-prong on a metal surface and tap gently to remove any flashing on bottom. Lay the redi-prong on the prong and check for tight fit.
image_2To tack redi-prong in place hold it with fine tweezers and shoot with a laser at the joint between the bottom of the redi-prong and the old prong.
image_3Side view ofprong tacked in place. Check to make sure the prong is tight against stone and tighten if necessary.
image_4Turn the ring around and shoot the laser down from the top to finish the seam between the new prong tip and the old prong.
image_5Place 30ga wire on welded joint and fill several passes with laser shooting from the side, until you achieve the original contour of the prong.
image_6Turn the ring until the top of the prong faces you. Shooting down toward the base of the prong with the laser, widen the beam and smear the metal down the back of the prong towards the base.

Continue this until the back of the prong is smooth.

image_7No pumice wheel should be needed to finish the back of the prong. I used a 6-inch knife edge wheel to concentrate the polishing on the prong only and then put it right into the cleaner.
image_8Finished product for new prongs took less then ten minutes from start to finish.