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State-of-the-art technology and innovative methods are the pacemakers for high-performance and effective work in a crafts trade. Jewelers and goldsmiths can draw clear benefits over the competition if they own a modern studio.

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Whether they work in producing unique pieces or in repairs, specialist retailers have very special demands with regard to machines and tools: Firstly, they must be usable in very limited space. Secondly, they must also operate economically with very low unit numbers. Computer technology enables both of these options. Machines that previously were only interesting for large manufacturers are getting smaller and smaller and more efficient, while the procurement costs are falling. This opens the doors for goldsmith studios and ateliers to state-of-the-art technology. GZ Art + Design provides a summary of the latest products and methods over the next few pages.

Engraving by needle printer

The new MPX-70 needle engraving printer is probably the simplest and most inexpensive method of computer-assisted individualization. The new RPMS technology quickly engraves images, logos, lines and texts in materials such as copper, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, stainless steel and acryl, drawing on its nine needles. Only three steps are needed for professional engraving: First of all, the digital data is imported from the camera, CD-ROM/DVD, a scanner or a mobile telephone. The supplied software can then be used to process and optimize the image. Now all that is necessary is to position the material for engraving and off we go. The jeweler or goldsmith only needs a few moments to individualize the item of jewelry just as the customer requested. www.beco-technic.com


Hand pieces, setter hammers and micro-devices

The firm Badeco from Geneva has produced high quality, reliable and high performance tools for discerning goldsmiths and watchmakers since 1945. The company is regarded as a specialist for machines and equipment relating to all aspects of drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, hammering, riveting, setting, engraving and chasing. The all-round talent Micro M3ASF is one example for the extensive tool program. Seeing as there are two heads for alternate operation, it is not constantly necessary to switch the device heads. The entire system can also be controlled using a foot pedal. An overload guard ensures safe work. Numerous exchangeable hand pieces, for example the rivet and setting hammer, engraver and such like round off the range. www.badeco-geneve.com

Multi-purpose magnifying glass for goldsmiths

The multi-purpose magnifying glass for watch makers, model builders and goldsmiths is fitted with an LED lighting option. The angle of the beam can be adjusted using a grid setting and produces a very bright, even light. The magnifying glass is ultra-light; it weighs less than eleven grams, including lighting and batteries. Two spare batteries are contained in the scope of delivery. The multi-purpose magnifying glass is only one example from the extensive program offered by the Pforzheim-based supplier Karl Fischer GmbH. The company is specialized in goldsmith tools, workshop equipment, fittings, pearls and gemstones. www.fischer-pforzheim.de

Cleaning jewelry with ultrasound

One of the new features in the range of over 14,000 products offered by DT & GoldArt for goldsmiths and jewelry retailers is the Finosonic compact ultrasound device. It presents itself as an extremely robust and high performance device for cleaning all objects in a goldsmith studio. The cleaning trough with the dimensions 140 x 11 x 55 mm offers sufficient space for the objects to be cleaned. The cleaning time can be set in five stages to between 90 and 480 seconds. The device operates extremely effectively with an ultrasound frequency of 42 kHz.

DT & GoldArt

Other new features from DT & GoldArt include the English quality rollers from the brand name Durston. The roller setting is read simply of a calibrated scale. Fitted with maintenance-free bearings and step-down gears, the high quality hand rollers can be used to process sheet metal and wire. A separate roller stand is also available for all Durston rollers. Alternatively, the rollers can also be screwed to the workbench. www.dt-goldart.com

From computer to production in hours

Castaldo introduced recently a new silicone rubber compound to make high-volume production molds directly from CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and stereo lithography models without damage to the plastic originals. No intermediary steps are necessary with the new Castaldo® VLT ™ Jewelry Molding Rubber - customers can make a conventional production mold with this new rubber directly from their resin models.

The new Molding Rubber brings to jewelry manufacturers what has been missing from the CAD/CAM revolution - speed! Computer models can go into production in hours, not days! New Castaldo® VLT™ (very low temperature) rubber can be vulcanized at as low as 71° C/ 160° F, well below the softening point of most plastic resins and even below the softening point of traditional carving waxes. A standard sized jewelry mold with a beautiful high-shine finish in the pattern area, no loss of detail and very little shrinkage can be finished and are ready to go into high-volume production within 30 minutes, depending on the temperature used. Molds made from New Castaldo® VLT™ are tough, strong and long lasting - tough enough for multi-part molds and even molds with cores and spiral cutouts. Waxes are self-releasing - no release spray is needed because the rubber already contains silicone oil. Waxes come out with a beautiful high-shine finish which means less finishing of the final casting. Molds cut like butter and are easy to pack because the unvulcanized rubber is soft and pliable, like putty or molding. www.castaldo.com



Day and UV light from one lamp

The firm System Eickhorst from Hamburg recently presented a special edition of the silver Dialite lamp with a table joint, which can be switched from daylight to UV light, depending on the needs. The patented assembly of the upwards-facing, long-wave UV light with black glass filter as stone inlay reveals even week fluorescence, e.g. from diamonds and illuminates them with considerable contrast against the dark background of the filter and the shadow blind, which screens off the rooms light.

The daylight colors 5.500 Kelvin meet the CIBJO requirements for all gemstones and pearls. The 6.000 K, specifically designed for diamonds, can be used to the power of three and can also be controlled individually. The extremely flexible and feather light, double spring arm joint means that the Dialite DUV can be adjusted to suit any cramped assembly, irrespective of whether it is used with a table clamp, a screw connection or a heavy foot. Wobble and flicker-free operations and the quick start function mean that the silver lamp is an all-round, universal working unit for everyone involved in creating gemstones and jewelry. www.eickhorst.com


Helmut Fischer

High gloss polish for precious metal alloys

Jewelry must sparkle lavishly in order to spoil the eye of the beholder. Increasing numbers of jewelry customers want to be able to clean their own jewelry in regular intervals. However, they often only polish the piece that is the current flavor of the month or that suits the outfit. So it needs to be quick and the result must be convincing. This is why particular significance is placed on the degree of fineness of the polishing material and the high gloss cloth used during high gloss polishing. The firm Hatho from Eschbach in the Breisgau region offers a fine, ammoniac-free emulsion for high gloss polishing of silver and gold alloys. Hatho Polistar Emulsion is characterized by a creamy and liquid consistency, a pleasant aroma and a fine high gloss polishing agent in a µm range. Just a few drops on a clean cotton cloth are sufficient in order to polish the prepared, scratch-free surface quickly to high gloss. Hatho Polistar Emulsion is available in handy plastic bottles containing 50 and 125 ml. This is just one of many products from the range offered by the specialist tool retailer for the watch and jewelry industry. www.hatho.de

Analysis of alloys and galvanic baths

The top model "FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDVSD", which was introduced by Helmut Fischer GmbH + Co. KG from Sindelfingen this spring, is particularly suited to determining the contents of fine gold and other precious metals and for the analysis of galvanic baths and minerals. The device works with power-dispersive X-ray fluorescence. This permits non-destructive, non-touch and automatic measurement. The device is easy to handle and provides meaningful results in a very short time span. The X-rays are screened in such a way in the full-protection device that no irradiation protection officer is required in the company. Up to 24 individual ratios with regard to layer thickness and element concentration can be determined at the same time in one measurement procedure on a specimen. The layer thickness of alloys can be measured down to a magnitude of 10 nanometers. In gold analyses, a repeated precision of 0.5 percent can be achieved. The results of the material analyses are precise up to 100 percent. www.helmut-fischer.com

Miracle weapon for processing prongs

Rounding off prongs and claws when setting gemstones requires precisely suited tools. Despite optimized cutting geometry of the tools, this work may indeed lead to shavings blocks and therefore to blockage of the teeth. In order to counteract this, the firm Busch has developed the hollow drill 411CCC (Clean Cut Cup Bur) In addition to the tailor made cutting geometry, the special feature of the CCC hollow is the precise Phillips tip, which promotes removal of the shavings. This means that there is no blockage of the teeth and instead smooth surfaces on the work piece. A circling approach to the work is necessary to ensure good results. The CCC hollow drill made of tool steel is available in ten different sizes or as a set. www.busch.eu



Correct fine welding is an acquired skill

The PUK fine welding devices by the firm Lampert have established themselves in many workshops, schools and production plants since their market introduction five years ago. Electrical light arc impulse welding has an important place in addition to laser and gas welding. The working manner, which is very similar to laser welding, and the comparably low investment requirements make the technology very popular among goldsmiths. Like with any modern tool, training or professional instruction are important to get the most out of using the equipment.

This is why Lampert Werktechnik GmbH offers its customers a special service not only selling the equipment, but also the know how to for uncomplicated, flexible and highly efficient welding on precious metal alloys. A free PUK newsletter, published every six to eight weeks and accessible on the Lampert website, provides users with a step by step guide as to how to weld properly. Practical tips and handling instructions - elaborated on using practical examples - turn the newsletter into a real workshop.


Perfect interchangeable clasp systems

Nittel system manufacturers the optimum interchangeable clasp system offering goldsmiths every option to realize their designs and elaborate ideas within a cost-efficient framework. The Nittel clasp consists of a spring tube is soldered or bonded invisibly in gold or stone balls, pearls or intermediate gold pieces. This makes the clasp an integral element of the jewelry and is perfectly merged with the design. Ranging in length from 5 mm to 20 in intervals of 0.5 mm, the products offer all conceivable variations. Orders are delivered inside of 24 hours, meaning that stockpiling is not necessary. All clasps and keys are supplied in 18 karat white or yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver and in stainless steel. www.nittel-system.de




Laser welders for any budget

Neutec/USA® announces its new line of laser welding machines: the PulsePoint™ Studio™, the PulsePoint Model 150 and the PulsePoint Model 200. Specially engineered to make every joule of energy work harder, the Neutec PulsePoint laser welders make laser technology available to every business - no matter what jewelry production or fabrication tasks they perform. The full-size, floor-standing PulsePoint™ Model 150 and Model 200 laser welders offer full production capabilities. Each is designed for precision production welding of nearly any metal - even on difficult-to-weld metals such as silver. These machines are designed to provide rapid cycle times with all the power needed for a vast range of assembly and repair tasks. Their advanced constant voltage power supply eliminates power spikes to deliver smooth, consistent power. On the Model 200, settings for finer spot size are ideal for extra-fine detail work such as filigree and stone mountings, and provide extra versatility in weld depth for curved surfaces or heavy pieces.

At a much lower cost than larger machines, the compact, tabletop PulsePoint™ Studio™ delivers high-quality laser welding - a benefit for almost any budget. The Studio plugs into any power supply, needs only 16-1/8″ x 15″ of workspace and weighs less than 60 pounds, yet its 30W average power output easily handles production, repair, assembly and fabrication needs with professional results - an excellent choice for working with chain. It's easy to move and set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain. www.neutec.com

Wellness at a goldsmith's place of work

There is no doubt that a workshop is not the place for relaxing massages or spa packages. Nevertheless, there should be minimum standards of wellbeing in the course of everyday work. After all, we all spend a lot of time at work. However, it is frequently the case that a goldsmith's work surface does not even satisfy the simplest standards of ergonomic requirements. The firm Paul Peter Schula from Lübeck offers special work tables made of wood and steel that really bring out the fun in work.

In addition, Schula is a competent partner for all questions relating to workshop equipment. Two different types of bench filing pin systems are examples of the company's performance. The working height of one of the systems can be varied between 0 and 200 mm. Within this framework, the solid steel construction ensures high stability and resistance to vibration, which are important factors when sawing and filing. An alternative is the innovative bench filing pin system from the well-known gold and silversmith Hansjörg Fritsche. The double design of the bench filing pin means that the system is suitable for left and right-handed people and can be turned and locked in any desired horizontal position. Additionally, the double bench filing pin is also designed as a dovetail, which significantly simplifies sawing work. The supplied intermediate block means that workplaces that are too low can be raised by around 40 mm. www.schula.de


Maillefer Instruments

Instruments for excellent jewelry creations

Since over 50 years, Maillefer Instruments has been manufacturing products of the highest quality for the jewellery trade. The comprehensive jewellery instruments range includes steel burs, wax burs, tungsten carbide burs and beading tools, helping goldsmiths' to achieve excellence in jewelry creations.

Maillefer Instruments was founded in 1889 in Switzerland by Auguste Maillefer, a watchmaker by training, and has grown steadily to become the World's leading supplier of endodontic instruments for dentistry, surgical instruments for dental implantology, and rotary cutting instruments for the jewelry trade. Since 1995, Maillefer is part of the Dentsply International Group, based in York, USA. Maillefer is situated in the Jura hill-country the cradle of Swiss fine metal-working, precision manufacturing, and ingenious watchmaking skills. Maillefers production capabilities include 700 machines dedicated to the production of rotary cutting instruments, close to 700 employees, a dedicated production machine design and manufacturing department, and a fully-equipped laboratory for testing, validation and certification. www.maillefer-instruments.com

Multicolored jewelry: together forever

Particularly in the design of wedding rings latest trends show that there is an increasing demand for new, fancy designs. Multicolored designs consisting of various mixed materials are en vogue. Schultheiss took care about this direction of the market and offers the appropriate production technology.

For more than two decades now, Schultheiss is developing and producing induction melting systems, pressure over vacuum casting systems, granulating systems and continuous casting systems. A couple of years ago the development of new possibilities in the field of high temperature casting was achieved. As for casting platinum jewelry parts or manufacturing industrial stainless steel prototypes the machines work not only by gravity or pressure over vacuum, additionally a centrifugal force is applied to achieve optimal casting conditions. In the area connecting two different parts together, Schultheiss has started with inductive soldering including ring soldering units. Subsequently, when the demand of the industry increased and soldering reached its limitations, Schultheiss developed the diffusion bonding technology, to join metals of different materials and colors - the sintering machines. The basic idea was to be able to connect seamless different metals (gold of different colors, but also with platinum, steel or even titanium) without the help of additional solders or brazing alloys.

The sintering process - also known as diffusion bonding - takes place under vacuum and pressure. After the parts to be connected have been positioned and placed into the die of the machine, the system is heated up by a powerful induction heating. The control guarantees a fast heating at the lower temperatures and a precise movement to the desired final set point. Once this temperature, where the bonding itself takes place, is reached, a high mechanical pressure is applied to the parts. Staying under certain - perfectly monitored and controlled conditions - the materials will be diffused and bonded to each other. The new produced boundary surface with a thickness of a couple of µm belongs to both of the materials and therefore assures a stable and lasting connection even under mechanical stress or high temperature changes. Since it is a fusion between the combined metals the sintered connection is practically unbreakable. The parts can be further processed mechanically by rolling, stretching, machining and also multiple sintering processes, without the risk of breaking the connection. www.schultheiss-gmbh.de




Specialist for surface processing

For ten years now, the firm Otec has operated successfully on the markets around the world with machines for surface processing. Since it was founded by Helmut Gegenheimer, the number of employees has risen to 35. In spring 2006, additional company premises were opened, thus increasing the production space from 1,200 m2 to over 3,000 m2. In addition to the systems for industrial purposes, the Eco series with its small machines specifically for goldsmiths and jewelers has been among the highlights on offer. Since introduction of the Eco Mini at the Baselworld 2000, more than 12,000 units have been sold around the world, while the Eco Maxi has to date convinced over 1,100 jewelry makers.

Launching the MF series, Otec now has included in its program a group of compact micro-filtration systems, which open up new perspectives for wastewater treatment in wet treatment in vibratory grinding systems. In this system, the solid matter is removed reliably through a special filter system. These systems are therefore perfectly suited to the recovery of precious metal. www.otec.de



Roland DG Corporation celebrates a quarter century of innovation

Roland DGA Corporation's President Bob Curtis graciously welcomed over fifty esteemed colleagues, guests, analysts and journalists from around the globe, including Ayleen Chalidis for GZ Art + Design, to the World Press Day on August 31 2006, at the Roland DG Miyakoda Factory headquarters, Hamamatsu, Japan in Celebration of 25 years of innovation.

Under the slogan "Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity", Roland DG Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of inkjet devices, milling and engraving machines, vinyl cutters, 3D scanners, a jewelry wax model maker and photo impact printers. Roland's exceptional groundbreaking 3D systems include award-winning engravers, milling machines and 3D scanners. The incredibly compact Metaza MPX-70 was a hit among the many journalists who received their own personalised nameplate. This photo impact printer is designed for use with metal and hard plastics. Retail industries such as engraving and jewelry making increasingly use 3D devices for processing work conventionally done by hand, such as creating fashion accessories, producing lost-wax for rings, fine jewelry, and customizing medallions.

In such key markets as Color and 3D, Roland DG Corp, continues to pursue better quality and higher resolution to transform imagination into reality. "Our goal is to remain indispensable by offering the latest 3D and Color digital business solutions," say's Masahiro Tomoika, President of Roland DG Corporation.

"Bringing the joy of creativity to people around the world." Is a common theme throughout the Roland Group, which started out with the development of electronic musical instruments in 1972 in Osaka. The Roland DG global group network is dominant in Japan, South Africa, USA, Belgium, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Hungary Brazil and Taiwan. www.rolanddg.com

The breakthrough in pre-finishing and finishing

Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flex shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard for the jewelry industry. Foredom flexible shaft power tools are used for many different applications such as hand grinding, deburring, carving, sanding, cleaning, buffing and polishing on all types of material wood, metal, plastic, glass and stone.

Some advantages of Foredom flex shafts over other types of hand-held electric and air driven power tools are:

  • Variable speed-foot operated or tabletop dial controls allow users to find lust the right speed for the accessory, material, and application up to 18,000 rpm.
  • Slim, light weight, smooth running hand-pieces the vibration, noise, and heat associated with hand held electric or air motors in electric or air tools are eliminated by having the flex shaft motor positioned above and out of the way of the workpiece. The broad and interchangeable selection of Foredom handpieces also adds tremendous versatility to the product line. Handpieces are available with either collets or chucks for holding rotary accessories and drills with shanks from 1/16″ Io 1/4″ in diameter.
  • Reliable and economical-flex shaft machines have permanently lubricated, ball bearing, fan cooled, universal motors that are easy to maintain and more economical to operate than air tools.
  • Comprehensive selection of rotary accessories - An enormous selection of quality made rotary accessories is available for accomplishing almost any task on virtually any material. In addition to the "standard" offering of cutters, burs, bits, drills, buffs, brushes, wheels, saws and more. Foredom features unique lines including Typhoon® Tungsten Carbide Burs, Ceram Cut Blue® Stones, Plated and Sintered Diamonds from Dumont®, and 3M products including Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs, EXL Unitized Wheels and Trizact and Purple Ceramic Discs.

In addition to flex shafts, Foredom also makes and sells other bench top tools including the popular BL Lathe, Micro Motors for high speed applications, a Wax Carver, an Arch Trimmer, and Ultrasonic Units. www.foredom.com



CNC revolution

Watchmakers as well as the jewelry industry generally produce all the components of their own chronograph creations themselves. The high degree of verticality in production and pressure to lower costs demand new production techniques. The problem is that industrial CNC machines are too large and expensive for most parts made in this sector. Smaller, less expensive, but still highly precise CNC machine tools are needed; and that is exactly what watchmakers and jewelers are finding at Austria's largest machine tools manufacturer, Emco. Emco offers table-top CNC lathes and milling machines. These little wonders boast all the features and functions of modern industrial CNC machines enabling the user to manufacture the required parts quickly, economically and with incredible precision. One of the factors in the success of Emco technology is its ease of use. A PC controls the machine. We have kept the software simple for ease of use, enables the operator to work the machine without any prior CNC-programming knowledge. www.emco.at



Greater efficiency at work with laser welding

The new desktop device Powerlaser from the firm J. Schmalz enables smaller companies to get a foothold in the progressive technology of laser welding. Whereas until now people have believed that laser welding devices can only be used sensibly in industrial applications, increasing numbers of goldsmiths and jewelers are recognizing the benefits of this technology for small series, models and unique pieces as well as complex repairs.

Many repairs are only possible or economically sensible with the help of a laser. The enormous time savings of up to 70 percent for repairs ensures rapid capitalization of the purchase prize of between one to no more than three years. The company J. Schmalz recently introduced a buy-back guarantee. In this way, jewelers can test to what extent the device really is useful in their own time. Additionally, there are also very favorable leasing terms. The tried and tested model series Powerlaser now consists of five high performance types. This means that the best possible laser welding device for every application is available. Accordingly, the Powerlaser also satisfies very professional standards. J. Schmalz additionally has numerous attractive offers of tools, machines and workshop equipment in its range of products. www.schmalz.de

Professional cleaning of watches and jewelry

For more than 50 years now, the firm Elma has been the specialist for high-tech cleaning solutions for watches and jewelry. Ultrasound devices represent the company's core competence. The product spectrum covers a broad range of series devices, modular cleaning lines and even customer-specific systems. Internally developed and produced cleaning chemicals solve difficult cleaning tasks for the watch and jewelry industries. Elma exports tailor made, high end technology to more than 70 countries. Elma products are represented at more than 100 international trade shows. A global network of service centers ensures a high availability of the devices and systems by providing local support, ensuring short response times. In addition to the core business of ultrasound technology, Elma traditionally has specialist competence in the field of jewelry and watches. For example, the company also offers high class watch winders. www.elma-germany.com




The right solution for every cast

Indutherm turned ten years old just a few days ago. A young team of highly gifted engineers founded the firm in 1996, specialized in casting machines. The company's casting machine, the VC 500, immediately set new standards and was welcomed by the customers with open arms. Slightly later, the VC 400 was added to the program (the smaller brother to the VC 500), soon followed by the VC 600, a program-controlled, automatic machine. This therefore covered almost the entire range of jewelry production. All that was missing was a range of very large machines for industrial applications and the connecting link to the design studio, the MC 15. This MC 15 has kicked up a veritable storm in recent times, as this compact desktop machine can also cast steel and platinum - a great option at a moderate prize.

Right from the start, the machines were constructed to be very user friendly. State of the art technology remains decently in the background, while users are supported and not confounded. Instruction is fast and does not require any computer skills. As time passed, the machines have of course been consistently developed. For example, a D type of the VC 500 has been produced, in which all of the casting parameters can be saved and printed out: This means that the casting parameters for difficult cast parts can be accessed even after a long period; additionally, all data can be analyzed in the event of any problems relating to casting. An innovative vibration technology was introduced in the VC 600, which has favorable effects on the form filling and metal structure. For this innovation, Indutherm has received the globally coveted MJSA Technology Innovation Award 2006. www.indutherm.de

Fascination of creative freedom

The use of high end technologies and human know how are the ingredients that contribute to the high quality of the semi-finished products by the firm Innopoint. Drawing on various stages of work such as laser cutting, wire erosion or laser welding, it produces silicon and variously thick spiral necklaces and stainless steel cords in numerous diameters as a starting point for fascinating jewelry design. The company processes extremely different materials such as platinum, stainless steel, 18 karat yellow gold and 18 karat white gold. The countless possibilities for processing lend goldsmiths the creative freedom that they also need for their ideas. www.innopoint.com

Piercing ears as a long-term marketing instrument

In our society, pierced ears are commonplace: In Germany, 90 percent of the female population gets their ears pierced. Indeed, over 60 percent of these women get their ears pierced as children. In order to ensure that the young customers have good memories of their first contact with a jeweler and they later on become loyal customers, it is important that the process of piercing ears is without pain and most certainly sterile. After all, around 70 percent of the women return later on to the business where they first had their ears pierced, provided they have good memories of it. Whereas piercing ears can be carried out by any jeweler in Germany without any special license, there are particular requirements in terms of hygiene.

Studex, the world's largest manufacturer of products relating to ear piercing, offers in the system 75 & Studex Plus an absolutely painless, silent, quick and hygienic system that entirely satisfies the needs and wants of children and parents. All elements of the ear piercing instruments that touch the customer are sterile, disposable items. The ear piercing tools and ear studs on offer are also packaged in a sterile manner Specialist retailers can raise their profiles as competent ear piercing specialists with the extensive Studex program. Perfectly pierced ears, conducted under extremely hygienic conditions, mean lifelong advertising for the business. www.studex.com


H S Walsh

World of tools, materials and equipment

The British H S Walsh and Sons Limited announced recently its new catalogue with 264 pages of tools, materials and equipment for gold and silversmiths, horologists, hobbyists and anyone else who works with their hands. There are more than 12,000 items from abrasives to zirconia's, lots of new products together with plenty of hints and tips on how to use the offered tools and equipment successfully. www.hswalsh.com

Skillfully polished surfaces

New ceramics, natural stone and precious metal materials and their processing techniques demand a constant flow of new polishing systems. The firm Edenta has developed the StarGloss diamond polisher specifically for conservative treatment of ceramics and stone surfaces, but also for effect processing of precious metal surfaces.

The natural diamond granulation in connection with a highly compressed, long-meshed, synthetic bonding guarantees the highest standards of surface quality. Finishing, smoothening, and high gloss polishing is now possible for ceramics and stone with StarGloss, and it does not even require polishing paste or additional gloss firing www.edenta.ch

Semi-finished products made of precious metal for discerning applications

The demand for machine-compatible semi-finished products made of precious metal alloys has risen sharply over the last few years. Modern technology and creative developments have inspired C. Hafner to create innovative and high quality products that are tailor made to suit the needs of the customer. C. Hafner offers the precious metalworking industry a large selection of wires, sheet metal and pipes in varying alloys and dimensions. All products are suitable for further processing with state-of-the-art machines.

Hafner is a refining center with integrated semi-finished product manufacturing. This is a significant advantage for customers. It guarantees that you do not have to dedicate capital, as the return and remuneration of material gained through cutting is very prompt. Within this framework, the business field of recycling ensures that efficient processing methods are combined with preservation of the natural environment within the framework of the recovery of precious metals from residual materials and waste. Remuneration for precious metals takes place extremely quickly, immediately after accounting, in any desired form. Credit to a precious metal account, a check or a semi-finished product are all options. A series of services, e.g. the free pickup service for scrapings or separated products, round off the spectrum. Additionally, the required containers such as special receptacles for scrapings and waste in large quantities, separating material bowls for waste containing precious metals and combined containers for finished baths are also provided free of charge on a lending basis. www.c-hafner.de





Competent center for semi-finished products and recycling

Among jewelers and goldsmiths, Berolina GmbH is seen as the competence center for all matters relating to jewelry. In the case of full service for all jewelers, the company from Keltern does not only shine with the production of its high quality jewelry and watch collections, but above all in the field of semi-finished jewelry and precious metal recycling.

In terms of semi-finished products, Berolina offers what goldsmiths and jewelers require in their everyday workshop and atelier operations: Sheet metal, pipes, wires, dummies, spirals, cast metal, round plates, solder and such like. All Berolina semi-finished products are technically mature, tried and tested on many occasions and of a very high quality. The range of products includes all gold alloys and all gold colors, also platinum, palladium and silver. There is also a fast, individual and absolutely practical consulting and solution service. Berolina recycling is also increasingly popular, above all due to the fact that Berolina separates the entire precious metal waste, regardless of the form and quantity: old gold, gold breakages, filings, gold teeth and scrapings. Remuneration is paid on the basis of precise gram analysis. Credits in this respect are paid to a customer-specific and free metal account. www.berolina-keltern.de

Polymer ceramics add color to jewelry design

Material, form and color have always been close auxiliaries when it is a question of fashioning high quality, creative jewelry objects. Colors especially leave unmistakable traces, provide identity or trigger emotions and passion. In Novorit, the company Heimerle + Meule has offered since this spring a system for high quality color creations. It draws on a recently developed polymer ceramic material. And it offers entirely new design options for jewelry designers and manufacturers. Polymer ceramics represent a new generation of materials. Using a multi-stage manufacturing process, methacrylate is combined with finely ground ceramics. Defined color pigments are added in the process. The result is a new compound material with over 55 percent contents of high quality ceramics. In five standardized stages of work, jewelry designers and manufacturers can achieve a constant and high level of quality and efficient processing, even when dealing with large unit numbers.

The new Novorit method means that all color accents can be realized in just one layer. Every desired material layer thickness can be applied in any chosen color and then hardened. This is connected with significant time savings in production compared with all previous methods. The new polymer ceramics can be used to create extremely hard and resistant surfaces. After deep hardening, they are entirely homogeneous and free of bubbles. Nevertheless, they can be ground simply and quickly and can be polished matt or to high gloss. The polymer ceramics can also be processed and designed using lasers. For example, this may create multicolor, integrated color patterns or even three-dimensional effects.

Novorit polymer ceramics are available in a large selection of standard colors. There is also the option of developing individual, customer- specific colors on the basis of Pantone color standards. And in order to ensure that Novorit design pastes can be processed according to the individual circumstances of the company manufacturing the jewelry, Heimerle + Meule offers the complete engineering, supplies tailor made processing packages and also looks after the instruction of the future users. www.heimerle-meule.com

Heimerle + Meule

Heimerle + Meule

Heimerle + Meule

More than just a precious metal refining center

When Eugen Dürrwächter founded Doduco (Doktor Duerrwächter Company) in Pforzheim, Germany in 1922, it only started as a small refining center. It was taken over by the American Technitrol in 1996 and became AMI DODUCO so that today it is a major player on the international scene.

It has a wide range of diverse products and services including locations in Europe, Asia and North America. It focuses on manufacturing products for electroplating, precious metal coating and precious metal recovery. The high-profile precious metal separating center of Ami Doduco guarantees fast and economical processing of all recoverables containing precious metal based both on time-honored and next-generation technologies. Armin Nittel, the sales manager of the precious metal separating center sees in recycling "something that will be necessary for a long time to come" since gold mining is becoming increasingly complex, resources increasingly scarce and environmental protection increasingly important. www.amidoduco.com

The multi-cell soldering equipment

The Spirflame® electrolysis soldering equipment from Spirig is patented all over the world. In contrast to the known hydrogen soldering equipment, it has a unique technology of twenty (and more) electrolysis cells making it genuine multi-cell soldering equipment. You benefit from this technology with low heat loss and even heat dissipation. The multi-cell technology creates flexible, high-performance and very reliable welding equipment for use with one or several burners and clean process gases for long-term use in industry. A good example is filigree gold wire work from Giovanni Corvaja (Italy) that requires a calm hand and even and constant heat development on the finest flames. Spirflame® is the first soldering equipment that allows you to do this work well. The KARAT® models have a two-year guarantee. www.spirig.comwww.karat250.com

Ami Doduco


From the label to the inventory

"Our software is not a merchandise information system" emphasizes Alex Schickel, CEO at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, forcefully. But the label specialist's program is good for more than printing tags. "Extra4 is a modular building block system," he explains with regard to the software structure, "and this gives users untold opportunities." As a label manufacturer, they know precisely what is important when printing data on to a label and to make it useful for other options as well.

With Type'n Print, the simplest level of the program, the user simply types in the label texts in a prepared window, issues the print command and the label is finished. Store'n Print enables the user to save items that recur regularly using the installed label database, to call them up individually by item number or to print them out in stack processing. In addition to the labels themselves, texts or any length and also images can be stored. Lists of the saved items can also be printed out. There is a large number of prefabricated layouts available for all standard label forms. The customer selects a layout to suit the label and then fills the input window with text.

Certain modules expand the potential of the basic version for experienced users. These plug-ins enable access to external desktop databases such as MS Excel, MS Access, dbase and many others, along with client/server databases such as Microsoft SQL, Borland Interbase and so forth. The module Calc can read data from connected gold scales and convert it into individual label texts.

Particularly ambitious users can also upgrade the label printing program using the inventory module provided by the firm Comcept from Cologne and therefore use it for simple inventory or even for the merchandise information system CCJewel, without having to recreate data that have already been saved. www.ferdrnand-eisele.com

by Axel Henselder

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