Sometimes you come upon tools to use that are not meant for jewelry making but are is effective. This article is about using coils to bend tubing is done.

Many tools sold in model/hobby stores can be used for jewelry making. During a recent visit to a hobby shop, I found these tube bending coils, which model makers use to build models that require bent tubing. Jewelry makers will find these coils handy when bending tubing for projects.

Bending coils are available in different sizes, making it possible to bend tubing without any major distortions.
When selecting a coil, pick one that fits the tube snugly.
Insert the tube into the coil and leave a small amount of the tube sticking out.

This will allow you to grab the tube to remove it from the coil after bending.

Gently bend the coil to the desired curve.

As the coil is bent, the tube inside will bend as well. If the tube fits snugly inside the coil, it will not deform during bending.

Use a pair of pliers to remove the tube from the coil.

It may be necessary to lightly sand the surface of the tube to remove any marks left behind from the bending process.

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Tubes can be bent in different directions using these coils.