Bill Holman uses modern technology to create his designed line of jewelry featuring Drusy gemstones. Wanting his jewelry designs to be unique but not competitive with the natural beauty of the freeform Drusy gemstones, he creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces by milling components in wax using Foredom’s AllSet Model Maker’s Milling Assembly.

Milling Wax Components for Custom Designs
Using Foredom AllSet Model Maker’s Milling Assembly

1. To understand the direction Holman is taking with this project, here’s a look at his finished wax bezel, the custom router bit he created to mill it and the Drusy gemstone he will set.
2. Holman used the AllSet Milling Assembly (A) to smooth and prepare a slab of carving wax by truing and smoothing it. From the wax slab (B), he cut a 6 millimeter strip and reattached it so it would be easier to hold while milling the bezel for his custom design.
3. To make a router bit for milling the wax bezel, he selects a 2 inch length of 1/8 inch brass brazing rod. After creating a perfectly flat top and bottom on the brass brazing rod, he inserts it into the Foredom #30 handpiece. Holman uses a #4 small round file (C) to shape the brass rod (D) while it’s spinning in the handpiece. The shape he creates in the brass rod will become the router tool for milling the bezel.
4. Using a large #2 flat file with safe edges, he files the shaped (E) brass rod flat on opposite sides, to within 1.0 millimeter, creating the cutting edge for his custom made router tool.
5. Using Foredom’s AllSet Model Maker’s Milling Assembly, Holman cuts the custom bezel shape into the wax. He is able to control the depth of the cut and keep it uniform by placing the wax against the milling assembly guide (F), milling it from one end to the other (G).
6. The custom made bezel wax was cast in 18 karat yellow gold. After pre-finishing the bezel, Holman formed it around the Drusy and finished his custom design.
7. The Foredom AllSet Model Maker’s Milling Assembly is available as a kit with or without the AllSet body attachment (H). This photo shows how it was setup for the bezel milling (Step #5) with the remaining parts from the kit. The kit is capable of being setup in over 7 ways to accomplish unlimited milling, sanding and drilling tasks for wax, precious and non-precious metals.

To find out more about Holman’s uniquely designed line of jewelry or for more information related to this process Call Bill Holman at 972-702-0606. For information about the Foredom AllSet, contact Foredom’s product manager Michael Zagielski at 203-792-8622.