The Economics of Ornamenta 1

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The Economics of Ornamenta 1 is a letter by Dr. Joachim Becker, Mayor of the City of Pforzheim, stating what economic boost the event will bring to his city and the benefits designers and artists will get from the exhibition.


Finally, On September 30th, 1989, it will happen: "Ornamenta 1" opens its gates in Pforzheim at and around the "Reuchlinhaus." For 50 days, visitors from all over the world will then have the opportunity to get an insight into the fascinating variety of the contemporary jewelry.

The novel conception of the public-attracting idea of the "treasure-dome" as well as an architecture specific to the exhibition, a cubic system of division designed to evoke a new experience of the feeling of space take this variety into account.

More than 200 artists from more than 20 nations participate. A fringe program and many spectacular events place the whole of Pforzheim under the banner of the "Ornamenta 1." I am convinced that the "Ornamenta" will not only generate cultural but also economic impulses. These will increase the competitive position of the Pforzheim jewelry and watch industry on the world market.

The assumption of the patronage by Ministerpräsident Dr. h.c. Lothar Späth, the promotion of the exhibition by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the generous support from the local, regional and supra-regional enterprises illustrate a close attachment to this project. Although "Ornamenta 1," as a world exhibition of the contemporary jewelry, primarily presents a cultural and social event, its economic effects are not less important:

The budget of the city of Pforzheim officially calls "Ornamenta 1" a project of economic support. The body responsible for the exhibition is the "working pool 'Ornamenta'," combining the City of Pforzheim with the regional enterprises represented by the chamber of trade and commerce Nordschwarzwald, the chamber of handcrafts, important federations of the industry in the Polytechnic Institute of Design.

Due to an assessment issued by the Ministry of Economy, medium-sized firms and technology and the Industrial Board of State, the state of Baden-Württemberg granted financial support. All this signifies the importance and scope of "Ornamenta 1" as a factor of economic promotion. There is good reason for this: First, the concept of "Ornamenta" should be mentioned, as it by far surpasses a traditional international exhibition of jewelry. On the one hand, it stands for an avant-garde artistic and cultural event of high level, on the other hand, it is in no way of interest to the insider only.

To some extent spectacular elements of experience of "Ornamenta 1" are designed to attract and inspire the whole public. Thus, Pforzheim, as the site of the exhibition, has the chance towards the end of this decade to present itself in clear outline as a city, competent in all matters concerning taste and fashion, one of which trendsetting ideas for design derive. Important messages of "Ornamenta" convey the power of innovation and production of the whole economic region around Pforzheim - center of the German jewelery and watch industry, but also a location of renown high-tech enterprises and other dynamic sectors.

It can be anticipated that "Ornamenta 1" will in many respects produce an economic thrust. "Ornamenta" will also influence the production of jewelry and the related sectors, e.g., fashion, cosmetics, accessories and watches, by helping the jewelry market to more security and stability and by setting standards to the growing interest of the public. Regarding the individual enterprises, these impulses could find consideration in the design of products and their marketing.

Finally, "Ornamenta 1" offers many possibilities for all enterprises wishing to excel by their creativity and modern design of products on a national or international level. With regard to the coming European Common Market, all measures will gain importance that are suitable to differentiate oneself from one's competitors. This applies to the enterprises of consumer goods as well as to the producers of capital goods md services.

Enterprises associating with "Ornamenta" upgrade themselves by displaying their own creativity and enthusiasm towards innovations. The effectiveness of advertising of "Ornamenta" is to be highly rated, especially since this demanding event is planned to be repeated every three years with changing emphasis. Altogether, "Ornamenta 1" will not only be a cultural and social highlight but also an economic event.

* Press information supplied by "Ornamenta 1."

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