This article is an overview  and contain details for Ornamenta 1:  International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry held on September 30 – November 19, 1989 in Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim, W. Germany.


Ornamenta 1
International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry

View of the Massic Zentral
Architect: Prof. Günter Zamp Kelp, West Germany
Photo: Flöter & Kerth


The Expo of jewelry – really an exemplary documentation of contemporary jewelry art – represents not only the essential significance of jewelry and adornment in today’s society, but also the artistic qualities of those who currently create jewelry. Consequently, “Ornamenta 1” is a comprehensive representation and examination of today’s individualistic lifestyle as well as a presentation of cosmopolitan, highly developed jewelry culture. “Ornamenta 1” will sensitize our awareness of jewelry as well as the individual and social significance of jewelry in our lives.

The Place

Pforzheim is, without doubt, the ideal place for such a presentation, for it is the world-renowned and traditional German crystalization point for jewelry production. In addition, Pforzheim has had for many years a world-renowned jewelry museum and one of the oldest and internationally famous schools of design. “Ornamental 1” should emphasize, clarify, and broaden their significance.

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The Concept

“Ornamenta 1” as a world exhibit of contemporary jewelry art will be held in the interest of jewelry and its relationship to people. We are inviting the most important artists and designers in the world to present choice pieces that demonstrate the uniqueness, the diversity of creative possibilities and last, but not least, the psychophysical role of jewelry. An international advisory committee and commissioners from different countries guarantee the authenticity and relevance of the pieces shown.

Performances and special happenings in context with jewelry as further highpoints of the program complete this most important part of “Ornamenta 1.” Symposia and workshops are planned, accompanied by representatives of heterogeneous artistic and scientific disciplines. A special show especially for the public will add incentive to visit this exhibition – a magnet to attract the media and the public. The various segments of the exhibition are separated according to theme and though situated for the most part in the Reuchlinhaus proper, some of them are spread out over the surrounding park area. New relationships are thereby created. These segments clarify special aspects and respond to individual or social myths.

The Significance

“Ornamenta 1” is a magic word articulating substantial needs of people that manifest themselves in the multiforms of adornment. Consequently, these relationships are displayed comprehensively and relevantly and the public is made aware of the complexity significance and beauty of adornment. Jewelry’s strange fascination will be expressed not only vividly but also lucidly.

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