This article by Steve Satow shows how to customize short insulated tweezers for channel setting.

How to Customize Short Insulated Tweezers
Standard insulated tweezers

Customize Short Insulated Tweezers

Measure at 1/2″ from end of x-joint where jaws of tweezers make  Contact and draw a 45° angle across tips with a fine tip marker. Make sure you have safety glasses on. Score the line with a separating disc and continue to cut through the tip. You can usually break the joint after you are 2/3 the way through the metal.
Now with one side cut through use this side as a guide for your separating disc and  score and cut the second side like the first. After cutting both sides some slight jaw alignment may be necessary to make the jaws parallel.
This picture shows the flashing after cutting through both tips. Now we gently use a grinder  to shape the tips to a rounded edge. This allows maximum room for getting in between small parts. If you prefer polish or bead blast.
The finished product can easily hold 0.01 round low base head ready to solder it in place on a ring. Because we have all the spring power of these long tweezers concentrated in 1/2″ we can hold things much tighter .