Laser Repair: Bangle Bracelet

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It's an "everyday" kind of repair job. The customer brings in a bangle bracelet that has a broken safety slide. This time let's try a different approach to repairing it. After a close inspection of the bracelet we have determined that he safety slide has broken off inside the bracelet.


In the past I would take off the end cap of the bracelet, "fish-out" the broken bar, replace the end cap (CAREFULLY), solder it in place, reattach the bar to the clasp tongue, and then reinsert the end of the slide bar into the bangle. Start to finish, probably a 15 to 20 minute job (including clean up).


This time, using the laser, we will complete the job in 5-7 minutes with very little clean up.

Here's how to do a Bangle Bracelet Repair

Drill a hole into the top of the bangle bracelet about 5mm back from the end cap. The the end cap of the bracelet on the edge of your work bench to move the broken slide toward the end cap.


Insert a small pointed instrument (I used a small screw driver), into the hole and with a down and forward motion, push the broken piece through the end cap slit opening and outside the bangle. Pull out the rest of the slide with a pair of pliers, solder it to the clasp tongue and reinsert the repaired slide back into the bangle.


Now it's time to plug the hole. Use a gauge wire that fits tightly into the hole and insert it just enough to plug the hole. Be careful not to inset the wire too deeply so it doesn't hinder the movement of the slide inside the bangle. Laser weld around the perimeter of the wire where it touches the top of the bangle.


Clip off the excess wire, file, and polish.

This makes a tedious repair a fast and enjoyable one! Give it a try; I think you'll like it!

By Bob Staley – © Bench Magazine 2004 Fall
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