Ars Ornata Europeana July 2007

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Ars Ornata Europeana is a major biennial European celebration of contemporary jewelry, which will be held in the UK this year and set to offer an exciting program of exhibitions and events July 5 through 8 in Manchester. Aimed at jewelers, artists, curators, gallery owners and speakers from across Europe and beyond, it is the perfect venue to establish new contacts and networks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Ars Ornata Europeana was initiated by the German Jewelry Association "Forum für Schmuck und Design" in 1994.

Ars Ornata Europeana July 2007

Project "Out of Styal", non-precious jewelry made by offender of HMP Styal women's prison, Cheshire, UK

In view of the fact that the Ars Ornata Europeana takes place alternately in different countries, participants in the symposium not only become familiar with the latest jewelry developments on the ground, but also the corresponding culture. The Ars Ornata Europeana in Lisbon two years ago was attended by participants from France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Australia, Brazil and other countries. The symposium was a consummate pleasure, while the workshops and discussion groups were popular and inspired blue skies thinking. The lectures and the exhibitions were of an extraordinarily high standard and spread numerously among the important museums in the city.

The theme for Ars Ornata Europeana this year is "inside out" and encourages a search across disciplines for new and fascinating inspiration and offers a forum for dialogue and discussion around the following points: "exposing the seams, listening to the inner voice, information from the inside/outside, reaching new audiences, nurturing new talents, developing a dialogue between makers and gallerists, interaction within Europe - are we doing enough?"

Coming soon: Symposium Ars Ornata Europeana in Manchester, UK 2007

Jewelry workshop with non-precious material at HMP Styal women's prison, Cheshire, UK

Imagination and talent seen within the project "Out of Styal" at HMP Styal women's prison

The program from Thursday to Sunday

Thursday, July 5th, the symposium will start with the exhibition "Romancing the Stone" at the Manchester Town Hall. It will showcase the work of international artists across 20 different countries invited to make a piece of jewelry in response to the beautiful white marble sculptures. Among the exhibitors will be Tasso Mattar, Constanze Schreiber and Ted Noten. The exhibition "Bite the Bullet" will be seen at Harvey Nichols, an exclusive department store at Albert's Shed, Castlefield Contemporary precious jewelry will reach new heights and new audiences in this very unusual pacing of artists in an exclusive venue. Work will be for sale. Among confirmed exhibitors are Giovanni Corvaja, Karl Fritsch, Xavier Ines Monclus and Bettina Speckner.

The second day, Friday, there will be the exhibition launch "Thread of Silk" at Royal Exchange Theatre. Inspired by the original book entitled "The Silk Road, Trade, Travel, War and Faith" by Susan Whitfield, international artists will show their interpretations of the magnificent legacy from the civilizations of Central Asia. The exhibition pieces will be for sale. Among the exhibitors will be Jung-Ji Kim, Rajesh Cogna, Yoko Izawa and Leonor Hipolito. Several further events will take place at the Manchester Crafts and Design Centre accompanied by the exhibition "Jewel in the City" a student competition and juried show of all competition entries. More entries can still be made (Contact: Salina Somalya, www.arsornata.orglcompetition).

Ars Ornata Europeana in Lisbon. Portugal 2005: Reception in front of the jewelry school A.R.C.O., Lison; Chains by Marilia Maria Mira; Antique jewelry from the museum "Museu National de Arte Antiga", photographed with museum staff (project Christina Felipe/C.B. Aragao)

Ars Ornata Europeana in Zurich, Switzerland 2003: Venue at an old inspiring factory; Typical swiss Alphorn musicians on the roof

Saturday there will be workshops and discussion groups, held by European Associations. After the workshops the exhibition of a very unusual project "Out of Styal" will be visited. It is a very rare opportunity to see the results of a six-week workshop in non-precious jewelry carried out with offenders from HMP Styal women's prison, Cheshire, UK. Exquisite pieces made from available materials will be showing imagination, talent and personal enquiry. "Walking with Scientists" at Manchester Museum will show what it is like for a jeweler to work among scientists and engineers. What kind of object would attract the attention of both cultures and how can one begin to see the other point of view? This exhibition will be aiming to engage the public in the fascinating world of scientific research, seen through the eye of a jeweler. An evening meal and a party in Manchester Style will round up Saturday's program.

Sunday, the last day of the symposium, a visit is organized to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to see a Peter Chang solo exhibition. "The Benchmark" is an informal show of work by delegates during the symposium days and "The Space Within", a show of exquisite work by Professor Cherry head of the School of Jewelry at the University of Central England. The conference program may still be modified in some details.

The symposium rates are 220 euros, students 162 euros. These rates include refreshments throughout the symposium, travel to Liverpool on Sunday 8th, as well as a dinner and party.

by Christine Patrich

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