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Granulation is the addition of tiny, decorative spheres or “granules” to metal. Add this ancient technique to your jewelry making repertoire.

Copper Granulation Technique

Granulation, a technique used in jewelry and metalwork, is the decorative use of minute metal granules attached to the surface of the same metal, or, in some cases, attached to each other. In attaching the granules to a surface or to each other,…

Platinum Granulation Process

Granulation, a process dating back a lot longer than I can remember, is clearly one of jewelry histories most prominent techniques for artistry and decoration. The traditional technique of granulation consists of fusing or soldering minute…

Granulation Method

Note that while there are many ‘secret’ recipes and granulation was ‘lost’ this was as far as I can tell a result of gentleman scholars and acadamics in the late 19th and early 20th century who were too snobbish and ethnocentric to realize that…

Goldsmithing Granulation Technique

The revival of granulation in our century has been accompanied by many wrong ideas and misunderstandings, many stemming from the incorrect notion that the secrets of a mysterious process were long lost. To better understand granulation,…

Fine Silver Granulation – Part 2

Granulation involves placing and fusing tiny balls of silver on the surface of the backsheet in a preplanned design. The mixture of Hide Glue, flux and water is used to temporarily hold the granules in place until they are fused.

Fine Silver Granulation – Part 1

Granulation is the process of fusing tiny metal spheres of silver or gold, in a decorative pattern, to a surface of the same metal. It is an ancient technique that produces a beautiful, delicate effect. When making Granulated jewelry, all connections…

22K Gold Granulation on Turquoise Earrings

Featured are the materials for turquoise, platinum and 22-karat gold granulation earrings. The turquoise is 10.25 millimeters round and will be bezel set. The platinum is Pt-900-Ir, a platinum and iridium alloy. Once the platinum fabrication…

Alloying Gold for Granulation

An alloy is by definition a mixture of two or more metals to create different strengths and colors. For granulation, the following formula is preferred. It is important to start with pure metals. Even trace amounts of impurities can result…

Granulation Using Fusion Welding

This ring is manufactured using Hoover and Strongs 14-karat white gold alloyed with palladium. It was cast using standard casting methods and materials for gold and silver. The pearl post were fabricated and soldered after casting and pre-finishing.…

Metal Granulation – Schitterend Sieraad

This film has been made for the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, as part of an exhibition about ancient jewelry. This is also the reason that it has no sound.

The final firing

Granulation – The final firing, a clip from Ronda Coryell’s “Argentium- Fusing, Fabricating & Granulating” DVD. In this video Ronda demonstrates the final firing stage of granulation.

How to make silver granules

Making Granules, a clip from Ronda Coryell’s “Argentium- Fusing, Fabricating & Granulating” DVD. In this video Ronda shows how to make silver granules for granulation.