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This article was originally posted on Userblogs on 2/7/2018.
By Axel HenselderMore from this author

Drawing on the motto "Zeitzeichen" (Signs of the times), this years Intergem will feature striking exhibitions by ten young designers. This exhibition forum, initiated by Progrem Marketing GmbH from Idar-Oberstein, serves to promote young gemstone and jewelry designers.

Pendant/earrings by Stefanie Dingel. Silver, nylon pantyhose
Brooch "Angel" by Andrea Sohne. Layered agate
Amphora by Gaby Wanscher. Porcelain, mountain crystal
Ring "Double Uno" by Thomas Stoffel. Mountain crystal, citrine
Brooch by Wibke Haase

The first time that ten young designers, selected by a specialist jury, presented their ideas to industry visitors was at the Intergem 2005. For this purpose, the international gemstone show in ldar-Oberstein provided each participant with high-quality, modern showcases and a top location with significant visitor traffic in the trade show hall. The special show was a resounding success. Inhorgenta Europe, which traditionally has great interest in promoting young jewelry designers, adopted the exhibition concept and offered talented new designers an international stage this spring.

Scaled ring by Karin Drochner with brilliants
Pendant by Jürgen Thom. Ametrine
Rutile quartz "With Window" by Meike Neumann
Ring by Esther Ackermann. Mountain crystal with engraving, blue topaz, silver ring band
Necklace by Petra Moras-Thiel. Woolen felt, amethyst fibula

Thanks to the extremely positive response by the visitors and exhibitors at Intergem 2005, "Zeitzeichen" will be continued at this year's event from September 29 to October 2 in ldar-Oberstein, featuring selected young designers from Rhineland Palatinate. For many young professionals, this platform is the first occupational opportunity to make contacts with the industry and purchasers from all over the world. Quite a few careers have already been launched due to this kind of promotion of young talent. This is why the program is also funded by the Ministry for the Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture in Rhineland Palatinate, the District of Birkenfeld and the City of Idar-Oberstein. The action is supported in a specialist sense by a high-class team of consultants under the auspices of the renowned gemstone designers Bernd Munsteiner, Professor Udo Ackermann and Dieter Lorenz. www.intergem.de

"The special exhibition Zeitzeichen offers young gemstone and jewelry designers a unique opportunity to present their ideas to a large number of industry experts. Here, the young blood can test their skills on the laws of the market and develop further based on the feedback they receive. The creative level of entries is extraordinarily high and underpins the good work done by the universities of applied sciences." -Bernd Munsteiner

by Axel Henselder

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Axel Henselder

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