Another source with good tools is Karl Fischer from Germany. Below is his contact details and the list of tools recommended to order from him.

Karl Fischer
Berliner Strasse 18
PF 567
Pforzheim 7530

Ask for a catalog with an English supplement. Order by surface if a heavy order as shipping from Germany is very expensive by air. For best speed send them a money order in Deutsch marks with your order and open an account with them as the normal procedure is first send your order, they send you a pro-forma invoice, you send them the money in German Marks and then they finally ship it to you.

The following tools or tool sets that I recommend are either inexpensive for the quality and quantity or tools that are unavailable from elsewhere. Many of the following tools are intended for stonesetting use.

Catalog PageOrder NumberDescriptionSuggested Shipping Method
373525D/.60, .80, 1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.3mmpoint drillsair
373526/1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.3mmpearl drillsair
493627Bemery mandrelair
553634Scylinder bur setair
553634 HScylinder bur setair
553635Sstonesetting bur setair
573641 SDround bur setair
573642 Scup bur setair
573643 LSlentil bur setair
613645 H/1.0, 1.20flame bursair
653684Kreamer setair
713820/B/cut 2half round 200 mm needle fileair
713820/C/cut 2triangular 200 mm needle fileair
713820/D/cut 2square 200 mm needle fileair
713820/E/cut 2round 200 mm needle fileair
733861/250 cut 2half round fileair
743862/250mm/cut 2flat fileair
834003bench hammersurface
844084/260, 280chasing hammer handlesurface
944311/Clong soldering tweezerair
1274875Pmouth torch (for doublée)surface
1355050/1A, 2A and B, 3A, 4A and Bbezel formerssurface
1365102Cbeading blocksurface
1375125/2, 3, 5millgrain wheelsair
1395175black setters pitchsurface
1415270/5, 10, 12flat graverair
14152701/3,round graverair
1415274/6oval graverair
1425275/2, 3bevelled graverair
1425293/#20/5, 8florentine graverair
1425293/#24/ 8florentine graverair
1455300/Hgraver handlesair
1455300/Egraver handlesair
1455300/Ggraver handlesair
1465368red chasing pitchsurface
1846802swinging matting brushair
2057984Centering angleair
2088030degree guageair
251210/N/70nickel silver pinstemsair
253278asterling silver catchesair
253286sterling silver jointsair