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The marketing concept of the new German stainless steel jewelry maker TeNo is as clear and clean-cut as the material from which its jewelry is made. Self-confidently and with an eye toward results, a number of stores were opened in a very short period and optimally portray both the brand and the spirit of the times.

stainless steel
High-tech combination: steel, brilliant-cut diamonds and ceramics

It has only been three years since the innovative jewelry and watch brand TeNo began producing stainless steel jewelry in progressive designs. Fascinated by the sheen of matte-finished stainless steel, the TeNo team took only six months to develop the first extensive collections of rings, bangles, earrings, and pendants, any of which can be combined with any of the others. Just one year later, a collection of expressive watches stripped down to the bare essentials also joined the company's product palette.

Emotional technology - ,,DyRoN" chronograph

The TeNo team's sense of form is as unambiguous as it is successful: simple design in combination with gold, brilliant-cut diamonds and high-tech materials such as ceramics and rubber are the striking trademarks of the Pforzheim-based company. TeNo is also distinguished by its unique combination of technology and emotion. Concentration on the essential, clear design, and high-quality workmanship give rise to contemporary jewelry pieces, watches, and accessories of a very special kind.

Materials of the present: steel and ceramics

TeNo jewelry may now be found at selected jeweler's shops in over 18 countries. Currently, the U.5., Canada, South America, Europe, and Japan represent the ma n markets for these clear stainless steel jewelry collections. The products are innovative, and so is the marketing concept the young team used to establish the name "TeNo" as a brand. The first TeNo Store was opened just last year, in New York. The store concept, proven by its great and lasting success in the world metropolis, will grow in the near future. Stores in Miami and Las Vegas will open this year, and more TeNo Stores will open around the world over the next two years, so that the new and refreshing brand may attract attention on an international level.

Steel meets diamonds

by Helena Lambert

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Helena Lambert

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