Don’t you wish you could just karate chop your way through all those thick wax slabs until you had the perfect size piece for a project? Well, there may be a way that’s even better — and easier on your hands.

A drill press (either a full size, miniature, or Foredom) with an end mill or cylinder bur can thin down wax slabs quickly and accurately.

Position the bottom of the cylinder bur or end mill slightly higher than the desired thickness of the finished wax.

Slide the wax onto the press bed and feed it under the spinning bur. Make sure the directional pull of the bur is such that you are pushing the wax away from yourself while you are cutting; pulling the wax toward yourself when cutting is a safety hazard.

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Just to be on the safe side, mill a piece of scrap wax to see if the bur is set to the correct height.

Warning: When milling, tie back long hair and wear safety glasses and a dust mask. Pay attention to what you are doing: Keep your fingers away from the spinning bur or end mill. If the wax piece is pulled away from you while milling, let it go to keep your fingers from being pulled under the spinning tool.