Obsession and desire, whetted and starved by a society inundated with images of perfection and the elusive satisfaction concomitant with consumption, do battle with our exhausted souls. Martha Stewart becomes a celebrity offering a 12 step program for realizing domestic authenticity on The Learning Channel. The homemade cookie reifies both labor and love, the desperate attempt of an already overworked, over exercised, yet still imperfect domestic worker to both find and to give love and solace in a world where their simulacrum is more quickly purchased with a gold card. Sandra Bonazoli cleverly collapses and confuses the distinction between labor and craft, object and desire. Her domestic objects and the indulgent treats which are turned out of them, hot from the oven, offer guilty but sweet pleasure. For a moment the consumer is the victor and a finely crafted, well conceived object rises and above the cheap, mass produced impostors which leave us wanting.

Sandra Bonazoli
Measuring Cup, 1995, copper, 3 x 5¼ x 4¼”
Set of Measuring Cups, 1994, copper, nickel plate, largest cup 4”
Chocolate Charm Bracelet (Feminine Appetite), 1995, chocolate, silver, mixed media, 11 x 3½”
One Hundred Years of Consumption, 1995, copper, tin plate, sugar cookies, 3½ x 5½”
Masculine Appetite, 1995, copper, tin plate, chocolate cake, 18 x 7 x 5½”