Resizing Damaged Rings

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This page provides some helpful tips when it comes to resizing damaged rings with stones. Read on for more.

When sizing rings with stones that may be damaged from heat, hold the stones under water while soldering. To do this, place a metal water cup filled with water on your solder pad. Then support the jewelry with the stones submerged in the water with the place to solder as far out of the water as possible.

To make a water
cup, cut the bottom 1″
off a soft drink can. This works particularly well, as the aluminum does not rust
as other metal containers do. Fill the cup
3/4 full of fine white
sand and cover with
water. Then the jewelry you are soldering
is easily held in place by sticking the stone down into the sand. In addition, place a small piece of firebrick or cutoff from a ceramic soldering pad through the finger hole of the ring. This helps protect the stones but more importantly, it reflects the heat back up to the bottom of the shank, making soldering much easier.

Paint whiteout over engraving on the inside of rings before sizing or soldering wedding sets together. This will keep the solder from flowing over the engraving.

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