If you are on the road a lot doing business, you know what it means to reduce your luggage by a couple of pounds. And the Rebra Collection from Kling shows you that presentation systems don’t have to be heavy.

Rebra Collection

Rebra is one of the lightest presentation systems in the world for watches, jewelry and writing utensils. This development not only saves you money, but also a lot of energy because it only weighs half as much as conventional systems. Its display system perfectly matches extra-lightweight collection luggage made of high-impact plastic. The appealing groove system also features a security system even though you can’t distinguish it from commercially available tourist’s luggage from the outside. Kling GmbH is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality displays and contemporary presentation articles for watches, jewelry, glasses and cosmetics. Its internal design department and state-of-the-art machinery provide a customized presentation for your specific image and brand name. Kling sets the stage for luxurious jewelry. www.kling.de