This article simply describes the eight (8) steps of the oval or marquis gemstone layout method. These easy steps are flawlessly on point and will help you more than you know.

Accurately laying out an oval or marquis stone in wax can be tricky business. We learned this foolproof method for getting a perfect layout every time after years of difficulty.

  1. Draw cross layout lines. The oval stone shown here measures 20 mm long by 18 mm wide
  2. From the center, mark half the length and half the width on the four points of the layout lines.
  3. Using dividers, draw two semicircles from one side of the width (18 mm) to the other. Repeat for the other side of the stone.
  4. To draw the length of the oval, offset the dividers from the center equally for both sides to draw lines that intersect the width.
  5. Using a graver, cut a deeper outline of the oval.
  6. Use the dividers to scribe lines across the top and bottom of the oval for prong location.
  7. Use a 1.5 mm diameter wax-marking tool to mark the prongs.
  8. With a 2.5 mm diameter wax-marking tool, you can lay out side stones using the original layout lines to center them.