How to Modify Separating Tweezers

Steve Satow shows how to modify Standard insulated tweezers to become effective ring separating tweezers.

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In this article Steve Satow describes the steps on how to modify separating tweezers for wedding sets.

How to Modify Separating Tweezers: Standard insulated tweezers
Standard Insulated Tweezers

Steps on How to Modify Separating Tweezers

imgUsing heavy wire cutters cut off about ¾ of an inch. Wire cutters will give you a beveled end that you can sharpen.
imgFront view of filed ends. Filed to a point.
imgSide view of beveled ends with a saw blade mark 3/4 of an inch  from the ends on both  tips. The saw marks don't burn off during heating.
imgHeat both tips at the marks and bend them to 90 degree angles. The parallel grip pliers seemed to work well for this. The tips will be overlapping now.
imgNow grip the tips lower near the x-joint, bend each side at  the x-joint until the tips are bent  equal and about 1 inch apart.
imgMeasure down an inch from the bends. Slowly bend each side until they meet evenly, heat usually isn't needed.
imgAfter your finished they should look like this. These are ready for sand and bead blasting if you like the cleaner look.
imgFinished tweezers ready to separate wedding sets.
By Steve Satow – © 2006
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