This article will teach you how to simply modify cross-lock tweezers in 3 easy steps. Read on!

Often when soldering, it is necessary to use cross-lock tweezers to hold or steady the piece(s) being soldered. The pressure exerted by the arms of the tweezers can often by strong enough to deform the metal being soldered. The modification proposed below, allows the jeweller to control the pressure being applied by simply turning a wing nut at the base of the tweezers handle. The modification requires no special tools and can be done in less than 15 minutes.

modify cross-lock tweezers

How to Modify Cross-lock Tweezers

Select cross-locking tweezers that do not have the insulation on the handle.


Drill a hole through each side such that they are aligned. The size of the hole would depend on the size of the bolt to be used


After inserting the bolt and tightening the back up nut, the pressure of the tweezers arms can then be varied by screwing in or backing out the wing nut as shown

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