In this project, I will demonstrate a clever method of making equally sized beads. These beads can be used for granulation or decoration, or they can be soldered inside rings to keep the rings from turning while worn.

materials on How to Make Equally Sized Beads

Steps on How to Make Equally Sized Beads

  1. For this project, you will need a side cutter, a washer, and some wire.
  2. The thickness of the washer and the thickness of the wire will determine the bead size. You will use the washer to determine the length of the wire sections to be cut. A thicker washer will make longer wire pieces, resulting in larger beads. Some test melting will make it easy to find the proper size of either.
  3. Holding the wire vertical, use the washer as a cutting guide. Rest the side cutter against the top of the washer and clip the wire. Continue to feed the wire down to cut the required number of pieces.
  4. This washer trick should result in equally long pieces of wire.
  5. Using a sharp oxidizing flame, ball up the wire to form the beads.
  6. You now have a set of equally sized beads ready for use.