This article describes the steps on how to make an agate imitation cabochon. This technique consists of the successive application of silver foil sheets, changing the colors of enamels among them, and then to wear away sectors, and discover each one of the colors used in the different layers.

Apply the first of the layers of enamel. In this case we have used black enamel. It is very important to enamel the back face.
Place the silver foil sheet on the enameled surface.
Burnish the silver foil sheet on the enameled surface and fire.
Apply the second layer of enamel over the silver foil sheet. We have used a transparent blue enamel; other colors can be chosen.
Blue transparent enamel has been applied to the top of the silver foil and fired.
Place the second silver foil sheet on the enameled surface and fire. Repeat steps 4 through 6, four or five more times.
With a fine grit abrasive stone, wear away the different layers.
One can use stones in different ways and sizes to achieve various effects. You can choose if you want to discover all or some of the colors that have been used in the different sectors that you will stone away.
Finally, glass brush and rinse very well to eliminate any stoning residue in the enamel, and fire to luster.

The finished piece