Regardless of whether it is question of machines, tools, equipment, working materials and chemicals, findings, gemstones or pearls for gold and silversmiths or jewelry manufacturers – the Pforzheim-based, special mail order firm Karl Fischer GmbH offers everything one could even want. The company, founded over 100 years ago, has become one of the most renowned suppliers for jewelry manufacturers and everything required in a goldsmith’s workshop.

Karl Fischer GmbH

The large, yellow, specialist’s catalogue is known wherever jewelry is produced, repaired or restored, and everyone appreciates the extensive program. The catalogue, published anew every year, presents over 450 pages “new and well-tried articles” relating to the goldsmith trade. Since 1961 and over the course of many print runs, 450,000 copies have already been dispatched around the globe. An index with 1,600 key words helps keep the structure clear. The roughly 3,600 items currently listed in the catalogue are illustrated with 4,300 photographs. In total, the supply program includes over 16,000 items. Several hundred goods consignments leave the house every day, providing customers with the materials, machines and tools they require for their daily work just in time. Additionally, the entire product range can be ordered online under Many additional, beneficial pieces of information and up to date prizes on the website lend support to the customers.

More than 100 years of Karl Fischer GmbH

  • 1890 Carl Christian Fischer moves to Pforzheim from a neighboring town in Swabia and works in several manufactories as engraver and goldsmith.
  • 1895 Carl Fischer and his wife turn self-employed with a trading firm for workshop requirements in the Pforzheim jewelry companies. Very soon, Werkzeug Fischer is a household name for the local workshops, but also beyond the limits of the Golden City
  • 1932 Carl Christian Fischer dies; his son, Karl Fischer, joins the company to support his mother.
  • 1945 Karl’s sons, Eberhard and Fischer, take the risk of reopening after the war and devastation.
  • 1954 The new business address in Ispringer Straße is opened. The range goods grows and the company starts to represent industrial firms.
  • 1961-1964 Launch of the special mail order firm. A small, internal offset print shop is set up in order to print an extensive mail order catalogue for goldsmiths.
  • 1968 An extension is built to accommodate a large warehouse and new offices.
  • 1974 Exhibitor at the 1st Inhorgenta in Munich. Since then, represented every year with a frequently visited trade booth.
  • 1978 Takeover of the firm Wilhelm Woeckel, Stuttgart – one of the best-known mail order firms in this industry. Merger of the companies at the Pforzheim site.
  • 1981 Invoicing and accounting on an IT basis.
  • 2001 Takeover of the customer records from the firm Oskar Leiber, Ludwigsburg.
  • 2006 Expansion and modernization of the business premises. A fiber optic network and a modern IT system ensure rapid fulfillment of the business transactions. Establishment of a platform for online orders.

Karl Fischer is now run as a successful family firm in the fourth generation by the qualified businessman Hansjörg Fischer. Nowadays, over 40 employees ensure smooth fulfillment of the orders and available to their customers at any time provide practical assistance and support.

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