Can you trust what you see? Gemstones perched on plastic rings, salamanders are wrapped around Tahiti cultured pearls. Rings and chains glitter in all conceivable colors before our eyes as if we were wearing rainbow glasses. Above all, jewelry is meant to be fun, says Monika Seitter. And the jewelry designer from Düsseldorf fulfills this idea perfectly.

Jewelry Fun

Monika Seitter’s jewelry has already been graced with a wealth of adjectives: Disrespectful, cheeky, fresh, unconventional, intelligent, new and courageous …. Each of them is accurate. But she has really taken her heart in her hand with the collection “Jewelry laboratory”. It is now hard to imagine the jewelry scene without the rings made of zany plastic, crowned with valuable gemstones. Exclusive jewelers and also avant garde galleries now stock the pieces created by the qualified designer. In her studio in Dusseldorf, Monika Seitter plays around, experiments and tests until she has found what she believes to be the right material. She forms the ring tracks by heating up the colored plastic ribbons, which then nestle around the finger in green, red, orange, black or blue. “For me, color in jewelry is the origin of creativeness,” explains the qualified goldsmith. “In all of my designs, I pay attention to the rules of painting. This is a treasure trove of experience, matured over many centuries and also one to which many people have an intuitive access.” Garnet, tourmaline, citrine, aquamarine, peridot and brilliants are perched on thrones in gold or platinum settings on top of the gaudy rings, revealing a wonderful play on color. The consistently high quality of design, material and workmanship is what makes this kind of combination workable. Her rings are now complemented by matching earrings and necklaces.

An important feature is the cooperation between Monika Seitter and the pearl specialist Gellner. The designer develops jewelry for Gellner, presenting the costly treasures from the oceans in a new light. The combination of precious cultured pearls from the South Seas or Tahiti with the colorful plastic rings familiarizes women with pearls who until then would not have seen themselves as pearl wearers due to the frequently traditional use of the materials in jewelry. New creations are constantly emanating from the idea pool. The line “Haute Couture”, for example, wraps gemstones or pearls in extravagant material swaddling made of silk and organza. The massive gold rings are brand new and – although not made of plastic – they demonstrate well their affiliation to the Monika Seitter brand through their settings typical of Seitter. The “Salamander” series appears exotic: A small, golden lizard is nestled around the stone or the pearl. Quite simply animal passion.

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