Global Painting

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Inspiration Kenya meets Tokyo - Morocco encounters Amsterdam! The shifting together of most different countries and cultures paints a global and sensual image of a world undergoing integration. Ethnic patterns are combined with French Haute Couture, while natural materials are processed with state of the art technology. Colors and designs appear borrowed from African tribal tradition, integrated in reserved and modern collections.

Colors Warm, brown tones such as coffee, cocoa and herbal nuances and the dark Bordeaux hues in contrast with the strong, shining, exotic colors such as yellow, green, turquoise, pink and gold set the sparkling standards.

Fashion Pearl trim and stone applications on necklines and seams; embroidered satin and silk; missoni patterns; boubou gowns; macramé elements, a mix of forms and patterns: quill skirts with striped blouses - ethnic graphics; feather accessories

Living Venetian glass in shining colors; baskets and weave work; bast mats and small, woven furniture; African tribal art is enhanced by modern classics; hand-formed cutlery; archaically formed ceramics; dark wood; leather footstools and seats.

Jewelry Materials with an ethnic touch; horn; brown and vivid wooden Pearls; shiningly dyed, colored parchment jewelry; gold and turquoise; mussel and mother of pearl pendants; medallions and amulet jewelry; amber and coral jewelry.

Global Painting
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by Christel Trimborn

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Christel Trimborn

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