Foredom has redesigned the popular Series SR Flexible Shaft motor. It has more power/torque and is rated at 1/6 HP versus 1/8 HP of the former series SR and S. It also has 33% more power over the variable speed range from start up to full speed.

This means there is less chance of stalling or slowing down under normal workloads and less stress on the motor if used for long periods. Combined, these features offer enhanced and extended polishing and grinding operations. With the larger more powerful specifications, there is less chance of motor temperature rise during normal working conditions and extended motor life.

This unit will become the standard motor for the Foredom Jewelers Kit and comes with a two year warranty.

Foredom Redesigned Series SR Flexible ShaftThe motor features a switch offering operators forward, stop and reverse options. The reverse option provides left handed users the same action and advantages as right handed users.
Here the Foredom No. 20 quick release handpiece is used in conjunction with the Series SR Flexible Shaft motor. During polishing, the motor has the option of working in reverse, keeping debris away from the users face.

The handpiece features a lever-type collet control device, operates smoothly, is efficient to use and fits nicely in your hand. It retails for $79.00 making it the most inexpensive quick release handpiece on the market.

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