Stuller’s high speed burnishing compound for magnetic finishers brightens jewelry and keeps magnetic pin media clean for best results

After several years of use, the small stainless-steel pins in my magnetic finisher had became dark, were stuck together and yielding poor results when tumbling precious metal mountings. Seeking advice for improvement, I turned to Andy Kroungold, Stuller’s tool specialist.

He suggested using a modest amount of Stuller’s concentrated liquid burnishing compound MF610 at full strength for 1 hour in my magnetic finisher to clean the pins. The MF610 transformed the dingy and off color pins back into a new and shiny condition. In addition, subsequent magnetic finishing procedures were vastly improved with shortened run times and brighter results on the pieces I was pre-finishing.

Here’s a quick overview of magnetic finishing with MF610:

This is a 14-karat yellow gold ring. It has been cast, de-invested, pickled, rinsed and cleaned.
I did a little filing and rubber wheeling on the ring then placed it in my magnetic finisher. I added 10 to 12 drops of MF 610 to the water and began the 15 minute cycle.
MF610 is made by Polychem for Stuller. It comes in 1 gallon containers and sells for $21.95.
After 15 minutes, the ring casting was bright and ready for additional work. Magnetic finishing works well for brightening cast, fabricated and repaired jewelry items. It leaves slight indentations in the surface which are easily removed by final polishing.