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In 2004, when I was preparing the 8th International Enamel Symposium in Erfurt, Germany (title : "SPIEGELUNGEN - REFLECTIONS") - it was the first time that I had the chance to invite an artist from the Czech Republic to participate at the two-week symposium. Eva Kucerova, a talented enamel-artist, was very much welcome in our European group in Erfurt. She was an "insider" concerning enameling large panels as she had brought a lot of experience from her home-town and enamel-group.

eva kucerova
Participants in the 6th Czech Enamel Symposium.

She is a member of the EMAIL ART Association in Frydek-Mistek (a member of the Czech Creative Art Union, founded in 1997). This group has already organized seven International Enamel Art Symposia in enamel factories in Frydlant nad Ostravici (BEFO Ltd. and Norma Ltd. companies, later in Ametyst factory). Since 1999, enamel symposia took place every year, documented by catalogues and followed by different exhibitions of the created works in several exhibitions and triennales in museums and cultural centers of the region and sponsored by the Czech Grant Foundation of creative Art in Prague, by the town of Frydlant and by different factories and galleries. In the town of Frydlant, the cultural center is showing a permanent exhibition of a variety of pieces made by participants of the enamel symposia since 1999. Each symposium is accompanied by visitors from galleries and TV and print media.

Participants in the 6th Czech Enamel Symposium.

In 2005, organizer Dr. Karel Bogar invited Elizabeth Turrell from Bristol G.B. , Agnieszka Lipp from France and me to participate at the 6th Czech. International Enamel Symposium and to work together with Eva Kucerova (CZ), Barbara Baumrukova (CZ), Peter Bednar (CZ) and Jaroslav Gana from Slowakia. It is a highlight in our memories as we had perfect working conditions with all necessary facilities and colours in Ametyst Moravia Factory and, last but not least, a wonderful atmosphere with great hospitality during our stay in Frydlant.

Enamel sign for Ametyst enamel factory.

2006, we were happy to be invited again together with several members of our Erfurt "Spiegelungen Reflections" group from France, Holland, Germany and Austria to participate at the Seventh International Enamel Symposium in Frydlant nad Ostravici. Also in 2007, some enamelers will go to Frydlant near the Beskide Mountains to enamel large panels in the first week of July.

Agnieszka Lipp posing with her enamel works.

I am looking forward to this event, as it is very special for an enameler to be allowed to work at one of the few places in the world with a wonderful group of enamel artists, a perfect workshop and a big kiln in a region of extraordinary landscape and recreation area.

Elizabeth Turrell working with an enamel panel.

The goal of these international meetings is not only an exchange of techniques and methods of enameling but also to deepen international relationship for the art of enameling and to promote exhibitions in different places and countries.

Enamel drying and firing area.

Our thanks are going to the organizers Dr. Karel Bogar and Eva Kucerova and of course, to all the nice people who supported these symposia to result as great events.

Peter Bednar with his enamel works created during the symposium.

As a gift for the Enamel Museum, Dr. Karel Bogar is presenting the catalogues of the Czech International Enamel Svmposia to Mr. Woodrow Carpenter.

Barbara Lipp at work.
Neck piece by Barbara Baumrukova
Work by Eva Kucerova
Landsbergrova by Eva Kucerova
Order in Dissolution by Barbara Lipp
Order in Dissolution by Barbara Lipp
By Barbara Lipp [Volume 26, Number 3, June, 2007]
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Barbara Lipp

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