This article describes a step by step procedure of a pair of simple pliers to become a pair of customized head polishing pliers.

These pliers are just simple by pass style but are heavy enough to hold heads for polishing. They just need to be shortened. The price is right.


I went to the Dollar store and purchased a set of thin stainless steel measuring spoons. The flat handles make good stainless stock. Pick something approximately 1 2 mm. round. Transfer the pattern to a flat area big enough on the handle and cut it out with a saw.

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Use a dap and block to make it domed shape. (The one pictured is rectangular but round works better.)


The outer edge of the stainless dome is located 1 1/2 inches from the center of the joint. The dome is held tight in place between the jaws and lasered into place.


The dome is now firmly welded in place. Use a fine point marker to mark as shown. Use a separating disc to cut off both ends. Wear goggles for safety.


With the ends cut off, use a grinder to round the ends of the pliers and remove sharp edges.


Now use a grinder to make a flat spot on the top of the pliers to make it easier to drill through. Mark the center of the upper jaw directly above the center of the dome.

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Anneal the end of the jaw so it’s easier to drill. Drill into it with a drill at least 1.5mm in diameter. Clean the burs on both ends of the hole. If you prefer glass bead the pliers to give them a finished look.


This shows how a marquise head self centers on the dome, with the peg going through the upper jaw holding it firmly in place, ready to pre-polish prior to setting.


The pliers will also hold a pear shape head equally well. I was able to hold a non-peg head with just the down force on top of the dome. I hope this keeps you from burning your fingers or breaking off the peg when pre-polishing your heads.

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