At the time of Moses twelve gemstones comprised the Jewish High-Priest’s Breastplate of Aaron; each stone represented one of the twelve tribes of Israel. In ancient India, gems were associated with planets and astrological signs. From these early origins we have derived the idea of “birthstones”.


In the first century, A.D., writings indicate a particular stone was to be worn during each astrological sign in order to be harmonious with the ruling planet. Not until the eighteenth century were stones worn as natal amulets. Now this is a great idea if you love your “birthstone”. If you are not happy with the stone currently accepted for your month you can always consult another list and find one that you like. Today’s commercial list includes:

The ancient lists included stones that were readily available but often not so glamorous as stones we have in supply today. There were several old lists; most were fairly similar. Here is your choice from the older lists:

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If you are still not happy try the Hindu Astrological list:

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing a stone that you truly love; somewhere there is a list that you would find appropriate to you. There are lists for days of the week, planets and stars. All differ a bit.

Anniversary Stones

Anniversary stones can be found on old lists but you have to married forever before a gemstone anniversary comes up. But there are new lists for gem lovers or for your lover. Jewelers of America publishes this list:

1st – Peridot 2nd – Red Pyrope Garnet
3rd – Carved Jade 4th – Blue Zircon
5th – Kunzite 6th – Green Turquoise
7th – Golden Beryl 8th – Tanzanite
9th – Green Spinel 10th – Blue Sapphire
11th – Yellow Zircon 12th – Opal
13th – Hawk’s Eye (Blue Tiger’s Eye) 14th – Bloodstone
15th – Alexandrite 16th – Red Spinel
17th – Carnelian 18th – Aquamarine
19th – Almandine Garnet 20th – Golden Diamond
21st – Red-violet Tourmaline 22nd – Pink sapphire (Ruby)
23rd – Green Jade 24th – Hyacinth Zircon
25th – Demantoid Garnet 26th – Tiger-Eye
27th – Agate and Onyx 28th – Moonstone
29th – Blue Topaz 30th – Pearl
3lst – Amethyst 32nd – Morganite
33rd – Star Garnet 34th – Jasper
35th – Emerald 36th – Colorless Topaz
37th – Chrysoberyl 38th – Star Sapphire
39th – Blue Zircon 40th – Red Ruby
41st – White Jade 42st – Blue Turquoise
43rd – Goshenite 44th – Sardonyx
45th – Beryl Cat’s-Eye 46th – Golden Spinel
47th – Pink Diamond 48th – Colorless Zircon
49th – Colorless Sapphire 50th – Golden Topaz
55th – Green Tourmaline 60th – Star ruby
65th – Blue Spinel 70th – Brown Topaz
75th – Blue Diamond

This was compiled as a guideline; if you local jeweler does not have jasper, you might try a rock shop. Of course, if your loved one has a particular gem preference that is always perfect for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. Gemstones are an eternal remembrance.

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