For 25 years now, the married couple and British goldsmiths Gill and Alan Saunders have run their own studio under the name Gilmar. The two creative jewelry lovers have remained faithful to their dreams since founding the atelier in 1983: without fail, the primary focus should be on the craftsmanship and creativeness, without being penned in by commercial necessities.


But the path is long from the first vague idea to the finished design and from the sketch to a complete, exciting jewelry collection. The married couple is convinced that in order to achieve creative self-fulfillment in jewelry you must stay true to this path. Collections such as ‘Cirque’, ‘Japan’ or ‘Harlequin’ are the results of a creative process of discovery and the consistent pursuit of innovation. They were never much interested in stagnation in design. Based on their experience with their previous works, the couple has constantly tapped into new inspiration.

But the idea must always be the starting point, pervading throughout the line and ensuring a recognition effect. Textures and patina and perfect compositions of space and form are the criteria that inspire the work of these two jewelry artists. In this, Gill and Alan Saunders place their trust in craftsmanship and individuality, without losing track of the reproducibility of the work. Above all, they offer the results of their production to selected galleries and jewelers for contemporary jewelry throughout Europe. They have now amassed over 150 distribution partners.

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They will also be exhibiting at the Inhorgenta Europe 2008 in Munich (Hall C2/110 A). Among other things, they will use this opportunity to present their latest collection with the title ‘Portrait.’