Inspiration The leisurely lifestyle that artists such as Picasso or Matisse convey in their sun-drenched, love-filled paintings. The atmosphere created by the mild climate, the summery colors and the warm light of the Provence in the South of France is inimitable. The flair of sunny ateliers captures the artistic poetry and the charm of the natural objects.

artists of the sun
Mario Wiechert
Emporio Armani

Colors Warm orange and red tones characterize the spectrum of colors, just as much as soil and wood colors.

Ruth Sellack
Doris Hartwich
Tracey Reese

Fashion Outfits in reserved summer darks and sunny yellow hues. Ornamental embroidery with pearls adorns wide-cut overcoats and dresses. Floral patterns pass smoothly into delicate color-coded summer hues, while hand-made details provide contrast. Provence-style blouses and skirts convey the lifestyle in this sun-drenched region.

Beate Heymann
Fertini Ferudun

Living Hand-made furniture in all conceivable shades of wood and living accessories made of woven basket and veined porcelain make the atmosphere of cool farmsteads and sunny, inner courtyards come alive. Picnic baskets invite us to joyously celebrate an attitude of laisser-faire.

Anja Gockel
Alraune Lapidaries

Jewelry and watches Watches with colored dials or rustic leather straps with decorative stamping continue the line with its sunny topic. The jewelry draws on a broad spectrum of summer tones: But yellow gold takes the biscuit. Colored gemstones such as amber, cornelian, citrine and smoke quartz sparkle in warm honey and orange hues. Contrasting with this, green peridot and strong, blue tourmaline appear almost like reflections of the heavenly light above us.

Regina Regis Rain
Isa Dorn
Arte Dona